Tippmann Paintball Guns

Tippmann paintball guns are the leading choice for most tactical paintball players. Over the last 20 years, Tippmann paintball has shown just how dependable and durable their guns are. With the release of new styles and new features year after year, Pro Edge Paintball definitely recommends the Tippmann paintball guns if you are in the market for the best tactical paintball gun.

Tippmann Markers

The Tippmann name brand is one of the leading name brands in the paintball world. When a new paintball player starts out they are usually introduced early on to the Tippmann or the Spyder paintball brands. This is because these two brands have been around for over twenty years. The Tippmann paintball guns are unquestionably the most durable and rugged paintball markers ever made. They specialize in tactical styles and looks while allowing features such as red dots, scopes, angled for grips and adjustable stocks to be added to most of their paintball gun models. Tippmanns have always been used for paintball field rental guns for as long as we can remember, even now the Tippmann markers are available in the 50 caliber models. This allows for a lighter paintball gun to be available for the younger paintball players that are new to paintball.
The Tippmann paintball guns range from one hundred dollars all the way up to five hundred dollars. Tippmann over the years has nearly always stayed under that five hundred dollar price range giving it a name to some as the best beginner paintball guns available. Also, the warranty that Tippmann offers is unmatched from any other company. Not only do you rarely have to deal with Tippmann replacement parts because of how reliable their paintball guns are, if there is an issue the Tippmann company is very quick and easy to work with on getting you fixed up to get you back to the paintball fields and playing.

Tippmann A5

The Tippmann A5 paintball gun is one of the Tippmann staples and has been for 15+ years. The A5 platform is field strip able, easy to maintain and in some places even used as an upgraded rental gun. This goes to show you how durable the Tippmann paintball guns are. This marker includes what is called the Tippmann Cyclone Feed System which used the CO2 or compressed air out of your paintball air tank to spin the hopper system. This alleviates any issues some other players have when using hoppers that take batteries to work. The Cyclone Feed System also is more durable as rain does not effect it's performance. As long as you have air to fire your paintball gun, the hopper system will feed paintballs to keep you in the action.

Tippmann 98

The Tippmann 98 is one of the oldest and still running Tippmann paintball guns. The 98 is known for being a field rental gun that is near impossible to break and will keep on rocking no matter the conditions. The internal workings of the 98 platform are now used on almost all other entry level Tippmann markers such as the Cronus, the US Army Alpha Black, Salvo and even similarly the Tippmann TMC. These markers so not sell as well as they once did but if you are looking for something durable and reliable with little to no maintenance, consider the 98 or 98 Platinum paintball guns. These guns are great for buying for your ranch where you and the family only play a few times a year during the holidays.

Tippmann TMC

The Tippmann TMC is one of the latest releases from the tactical Tippmann company. This is a magazine fed, entry level paintball gun that is just taking over the two hundred dollar tactical paintball marker price range. This TMC comes in multiple colors, comes with two twenty round magazines and is also hopper capable. So even if you do not want to play magazine fed paintball games, you can own a great looking tactical paintball gun that has a hopper attachment and is magazine ready. The next step for the Tippmann brand is to create a paintball gun that will take First Strike rounds as a rifle style paintball gun.

Tippmann Cronus

The Tippmann Cronus is one of the most entry level paintball guns currently available. While the Cronus is limited on possible upgrades and improvements, the Cronus marker gives the opportunity for a new paintball player to get a tactical looking paintball gun for around one hundred dollars. This is a very fair price for an entry level tactical paintball marker that comes with an adjustable stock, a top handle rail along with a fake suppressor and shroud. All of this for around one hundred dollars in addition to the reliability, warranty and durability that comes with the Tippmann name brand.

Tippmann Tipx

The Tippmann Tipx is the number one paintball pistol currently and has been for many years. Other paintball pistols are more difficult to clean and service while also being less reliable. The Tipx is fairly large in size but offers some great features such as tactical railing for flash lights, lasers and front grips. The magazines for the Tippmann pistol are also widely available and come in seven rounds up to twenty round capacities. With the increase in popularity for the First Strike sniper paintballs, companies have developed the adapter as well that will fit the Tippmann pistol to allow it to shoot further than most normal paintball guns but while being small and compact as a side arm.

Tippmann Paintball Guns Overview

Are Tippmann paintball guns Good? The answer is, Tippmann paintball guns are the most durable tactical paintball markers available.
If you are looking for a durable, tactical paintball gun that will last, the Tippmann paintball guns are the only one that Pro Edge Paintball would recommend. If you have any questions before buying your first paintball gun or your next paintball gun be sure to give us a call. Our staff is very experienced and will help in any way we can to find the right paintball gun for you, not just the coolest or most expensive.