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About JT Paintball Masks

JT Paintball Masks

JT Masks are some of the most legendary masks available. Back in the day, over 30 years ago the JT brand was the leading mask of it's time. Still today the JT paintball masks are the most popular and customizable masks available. Below we break down some of the popular models of the JT brand so you can pick which one will fit your budget and preferences the best.
The only other paintball masks that have been around this long are available through Vforce. This brand has also been around for over twenty years so be sure to shop the Vforce paintball masks we have to offer.


Jt Proflex

The JT Proflex is the most customizable paintball mask of all time. Some of these custom builds will sell for up to three hundred dollars at time. Luckily for you the standard JT Proflex mask retails for around seventy dollars. This will included the standard black and that years standard colors. The Proflex mask offers a thick, sweat absorbent foam around the face area that is some of the most comfortable foam ever put on a paintball mask.


Proflex X

With the popularity of the Proflex comes the release of the Proflex X Jt mask. The one complaint players had on the older design was the difficulty to remove and replace the Spectra lens. The new Proflex X still uses the Spectra thermal lens system but uses a new, quick release lens system allowing you to change the Proflex X lens in less than 2 minutes. The foam is still high quality on this version making it even better than the standard Proflex.


JT Pro Shield

If you are new to paintball and wanting to find the best paintball mask under fifty dollars, the JT Pro Shield is by far our number one favorite mask and has been for the last ten years. This JT mask offers the same foam, same lens and the same design as the Proflex for a fraction of the price. The one limiting feature is that it is only available in Black and doesn't ever come in different colors or designs.


JT Full Headshield

The JT Full headshield is exactly what it sounds like. This mask is one of the only masks available that protects you like a football helmet while also protecting your face. The Headshield is available in multiple versions ranging from fifty to one hundred dollars. This mask still offers the nice thermal Spectra lens system and the nice soft foam all while protecting the top and back of your head.