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Paintball Headwrap - Black
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Paintball Headwrap - Black

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Light weight paintball head wrap that ties in the back.

Learn About Paintball Headbands and Headwraps

Paintball headbands and head wraps are perfect for protecting your forehead and catching the sweat while you're playing. We carry a huge selection of designs and prints in head bands and head wraps so stop by to try on and see which one you like the best. If you are looking for something you don't see online, give us a call or stop by as we carry more in store than we do online! Be sure to shop our other head protectors and take a look at our paintball beanies and hats

Paintball headbands have many different uses and importance's. Most players use them as a way to keep sweat from dripping in to their eyes while playing, takes away that sting a paintball can give when shot right in the forehead and some just use them for the looks and style points they will get. ( There are no style points, just cool factors) Most of the time when you see headbands there are many different styles or colors.

This is a way some players can set them self's apart from the rest of the crowd. Headbands can be like shoes or hats, there are thousands of types and colors but you will always gravitate to what you like best. If you like cars, they have a headband for that. Like memes, ooo man are you in luck HK Army makes some of the best meme based head bands. Every one remembers the " Catch me outside" Girl from Dr.Phil, HK Army makes it.... it's hilarious!!! They have pepe the frog and many many more to pick from. If you like the USA there are plenty of head bands HK Army and Push Paintball makes for you to strut your Red, White and Blue bad self with!

Do I need a Headband?

This question gets asked a lot at the shop, the answer we give is no but yes. The reason we have a undecided answer is because you don't need a headband made by a paintball company but you need something to cover your forehead. Getting shot in the forehead with no protection is no fun at all. We highly recommend a headband but a hat backwards or a padded paintball hat, no snapbacks unless you want a target for the opposing player to shoot at, works just as well.


Why do some headbands cost 100$?

This is something we ask ourselves all the time... Think of the Michael Jordan Shoe's made by Nike, people will resell old shoes made 10-20 years ago for 3-5 times what they bought them for due to the limited edition factor or they are no longer made. This is the same with some of the headbands you may see sell for 100-500$. By no means does any one need a headband that costs more then 20-30$ but if you want to have that " cool factor or style points " like said above, you have to pay to play. Most people stick with the standard 20-30$ headbands due to them getting worn out, too dirty to be cleaned or lost. We all here at the shop have a fancy one we do not wear enough.


What brand is best?

Picking from the brands that make headbands it truly up to you! We sell a lot of HK Army headbands in store because they offer the widest color and options on their headbands. From camos, memes to you solid colors they do it all! Some of the other companies who offer headbands are Push Paintball, Planet Eclipse, Dye Paintball, GI Sportz and many more! the options are endless when picking out something like this!