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Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse paintball guns have been the leading high end paintball markers for the last five plus years. Not only do they lead in popularity but also in ingenuity. Over the last few years Planet Eclipse has released markers as low as as two hundred dollars all the way up to their high end marker for around fifteen hundred dollars. No matter what your price range is, if you are in the marker to upgrade your current paintball gun or get a great gun for your first paintball gun, Planet Eclipse has something for everyone. If you have any questions about Planet Eclipse markers, be sure to call our store and our staff will help find which Eclipse paintball gun best fits your budget and your playing style.

Learn About Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Pro Edge Paintball in Houston carries the full line of Planet Eclipse paintball guns. Before you make your purchase be sure to stop by or give us a call so we can answer any and all questions you might have about Eclipse markers. We allow everyone to hold and feel the guns before you make your purchase.

With Planet Eclipse being one of the top leaders in paintball guns, you can count on them to have a great warranty and offer something at everyone's price level. Another great benefit to the Eclipse line of guns is the availability of aftermarket upgrade options. If you are looking to customize your paintball gun, check out the paintball triggers available for the most popular Planet Eclipse guns.  No matter if your new paintball gun is around two hundred dollars or you want to go all out and buy the top of the line, Planet Eclipse and Pro Edge Paintball have what you are looking for.

Etha 3 Paintball Gun-

The Planet Eclipse Etha 3 is the all new upgrade from the Etha 2 platform. The Etha 3 is now available in an electronic and mechanical version. The Etha 3M now offers the Eclipse FL-3 way and an aluminum flat trigger upgrade right out of the box. If you were considering the Eclipse Emek 100, we would recommend to consider the all new Etha 3M that comes with all of the bells and whistles right out of the box. 

The electronic Etha 3 and Etha 3M now come with a quick release back cap, making it much easier to clean and service your bolt system. The Etha 3 also comes with a flat blade trigger to give the platform a new feel while in a game. 

CS2 Pro Paintball Gun-

The CS2 Pro paintball gun has been one of the leading paintball markers when comparing the high end market. Some call this the Ferrari of paintball guns and based on the price, the color choices and the features we will this is a great comparison.

Every couple of years Planet Eclipse releases a new high end, top of the line paintball gun and it always offers some new feature we didn't even know we needed but now we have to have it.

The CS2 is one of those creations by Planet Eclipse. With the release of their carbon fiber barrel system, the improved rubber removable front grip and easy to install battery features, the CS2 leads the way in luxury and performance for the best paintball guns on the market. The other high end of the Eclipse line is the somewhat less popular LV platform. Currently the LV 1.6 is the latest version but there have been rumors of a Planet Eclipse LV2 since earlier this year in 2020. This design is different than the CS2 as it is considered a popit style gun. This means the design works completely different than the CS2 platform. 

GTEK 170 Paintball Gun-

Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R once released to the public took the industry by storm. The Gtek 170R offered so many featured that at the time only were found in the CS2 high end marker. The new eye sensor technology, the removable front grip and easy to install battery compartment were just some of the perks that really made the 170R more like a fifteen hundred dollar paintball gun compared to the other eight hundred dollar paintball guns the Gtek 170 R was competing against.

Available in multiple colors, the 170R features two tone color scheme, easy to use clamping feedneck and the Pops on/off system. The air efficiency on the 170R is also quite great with 11 pods or a little more than 1500 shots out of just a 68 4500 air tank. This means if you were to use a Ninja 77 air tank or an Empire 80 air tank, you would be able to shoot nearly 1800 shots before refilling your air tank.

This level of air efficiency is perfect for the scenario paintball players that love to shoot a ton of paint or don't like to come off the field until they are out of paint and air. A lot of players ask us what is comparable to the Gtek 170R and that is a tough question but based on the price mainly, the Shocker paintball guns would have to be the closest. 

ETHA 2 Paintball Gun-

This platform is no longer available and has been replaced by the new Planet Eclipse Etha 3. 

The Etha 2 is one of the more entry level paintball guns by Eclipse. This platform is incredible durable and rugged without all of the flashy perks and looks that you might find in other Eclipse guns.

If you are in the market for a reliable but simple electronic paintball gun the Etha 2 might just be for you. The Etha 2 offers a tool less battery removal out of the front grip which is something so simple but adds such a huge value when you are at the paintball field and your battery dies. This feature allows you to quickly replace your battery and not miss a single game!

The Etha 2 also offers a push button air on off which is one of the best creations by Planet Eclipse. This makes the operation of turning your air on and off so simple and easy for younger or newer players.

MF100 Paintball Gun-

The MF100 is one of the newest releases by Eclipse. This will be the first time that Planet Eclipse paintball guns have offered a magazine fed system.

The scenario, tactical and mag fed groups are extremely excited for the release of this marker. Combing the reputation of the Eclipse engineering and reliability of their guns, the paintball world is hoping to see one of the best magazine fed paintball guns ever made.

Emek Paintball Gun-

The Emek is the mechanical version of the Etha 2. The Emek is going to be a single trigger, simple, reliable paintball gun by Eclipse for those players looking for something incredibly reliable and durable. This marker is being used for rental guns already at some of the paintball fields. This alone proves just how reliable and dependable this marker is.

For under two hundred dollars, the Emek mechanical paintball gun is a great performing, reliable paintball gun for those newer players getting started into our awesome sport. Being a mechanical paintball gun, this one doesn't require any batteries to operate which adds to it's reliability. One of the biggest differences between the Emek and other mechanical paintball guns is the weight difference and the performance. The Emek is much lighter than your standard Tippmann paintball guns and the Emek can shoot better quality paint where the other mechanical entry level paintball guns can't offer this feature.

ETEK 5 Paintball Gun-

The Etek 5 marker from Eclipse is their popit valve mid level marker. This gun is very efficient and light weight. The Etek 5 is the mid level marker of the Ego LV1 platform.

Everytime Eclipse releases a high end paintball gun, they always release a mid priced gun that is similar but not with all of the same upgrades or features. The Etek 5 features a 14 inch barrel, the ability to upgrade your gun by adding a screen to it to change firing modes and settings with ease along with a great price of around five hundred dollars.

Some players also like the fact you can see the firing bolt move forward and backwards when you are shooting your Etek 5. The main completion for the Etek 5 was the Empire Axe 2.0, this gun was a little less expensive and could hold its own vs the Etek 5. 

GSL Paintball Gun-

The Planet Eclipse GSL is by far one of the best Eclipse paintball guns to date. With it's amazing style and look matches with its limited quantity made, the GSL was one of the most in demand paintball guns of it's time. If you ask anyone at Pro Edge Paintball we will say the GSL was one of a kind and one of the best looking, most popular paintball guns ever made. The GSL was nearly identical to the Geo 3.5 but was released prior to the Geo 3.5 and included a ton of upgrades we all take for granted down days.