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DLX Luxe Paintball Guns

The DLX Luxe platform has been on of the leading designs in the sport of paintball for years. The Luxe design has become more sleek, better performing and has adapted well to the competition. The DLX Luxe platform has one countless professional paintball tournaments around the world. If you are looking for one of the top of the line paintball guns available, take a look at the DLX Luxe platform. You won't be disappointed.

Learn About the DLX Luxe Paintball Guns

The Luxe X is the latest release of the DLX Luxe platform. With increased efficiency and a nearly completely tool-less assembly, this paintball gun is top of the line. DLX Technologies is synonymous with winning, and that winning tradition carries on in their newest platform the TM40 Luxe and the Luxe X paintball markers. DLX has made different versions over the years of the Luxe paintball marker. The Luxe has been hose-less since its inception and is one of the first high end paintball markers to be hose-less. The original Luxe has been used by professional teams like Dynasty to win numerous events. It continues today with Luxe Ice and Luxe X markers having major wins under their belts with teams like Houston Heat who have won back to back World Cups in recent years.  


Smoothest Firing Paintball Gun

The Luxe has always been known as one of the smoothest shooting markers in paintball.  This is achieved by their detail oriented design, the fitment on a Luxe has always been very specific, one cannot just throw any old O-rings into their Luxe, it requires the right O-ring in the right spot and because of this players have gotten a shot experience like no other from the Luxe.  The Luxe models always blow people's minds because it is the only marker that talks to you when you turn it on, welcoming you to the Luxe Experience. A fan favorite feature, the talking menus, vision updates, and battery level really makes you feel like you are having a luxury experience. One of the next smoothest brands of paintball guns we recommend to consider when looking for a new paintball gun are the Planet Eclipse paintball guns


The Different Luxe Models

The first few iterations of the Luxe, the 1.0 to the Oled version were quite revolutionary for a high end paintball gun. This is because the new upgrades from the next model were able to be installed on previous models. This gave the player extreme longevity out of their gun no matter when they bought it. Being one of the first high end guns to have eye covers that did not use a screw to hold them onto the gun was a huge benefit, no longer needing tools to clean your eye sensors made it easy to do and no longer a chore.


Luxe ICE

The Luxe ICE was the first Luxe that was not backwards compatible and that was because the body design underwent a massive change. The Ice was streamlined down to the bare minimum needed, making it lighter and more beautiful. The new bolt system for the Luxe ICE has Internal Ceramic Elastomer coating, that's where the ICE in the name comes from, reducing friction allowing it to be used in the harshest conditions for paintball.


Luxe X

The Luxe X uses the new body design from the Luxe ICE which still feels great in the hands, especially with that slightly raked forward design for the foregrip.  The Luxe X uses the X-Core bolt system and it has completely been reimagined from the ground up. Watch our video of the HK Army A51 Luxe X shooting! The Luxe X is not the same old Luxe you might be used to, DLX listened to their customers and went to work on providing them with everything they wanted. The Luxe X is more efficient, getting more than 10 pods on a 68ci 4500psi tank, while still giving you the same smooth shot you have come to expect from the Luxe paintball marker.


The Luxe platform is a proven winner and will continue to be so. A long line of innovations have come from this company in the pursuit of getting the absolutely best paintball marker into the hands of the player and it is that tradition that you should trust in.  Check out a Luxe marker today!