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Shocker Paintball - 

Shocker Paintball or SP Paintball is a division of DLX the makers of the Luxe line of high-end paintball guns. The company name is a little tongue and cheek though because it is clearly an homage to Smart Parts. Most of the staff from SP Paintball have some connection to Smart Parts in some way and it makes it fun when you are also in on the joke. With the Shocker coming back and at a reasonable price point it will be no surprise to see SP Paintball as one of the most popular gun companies in paintball. The light weight and reliable designs of the new Shocker platform will make many players flock to it while carrying that old Shocker name will get many returning players to grab one to relive their glory days it will not be a wonder when you see your local field being overran by Shockers.

Shocker RSX

The Shocker RSX was a resurrection of the Shocker Line from Smart Parts paintball. The new RSX its quite a departure from previous Shocker models. The new RSX features a Biased Spool Valve design, and OLED screen, and comes with the standard Freak Barrel. This gun is super lightweight, comfortable in the hands, easy to use, and super sleek.
Shocker XLS

The Shocker XLS is the new model of the RSX with some great new features. The first updated feature you will notice just looking at the gun in its case is that the Shocker now comes with the Freak XL Barrel, a 687 insert is included, this new Freak Kit features a longer control bore to give the player a bit more precision and a bit more air efficiency. This is achieved by the eight-inch control bore keeping the air behind the ball longer allowing the gun to need to use less air to propel the ball the same distance. The XLS is still cocker threaded so if you have another gun like an Axe 2.0 or Planet Eclipse 170R the barrel kit can be used on those guns as well, it is always a great feeling when your gear is interchangeable.

The new engine in the XLS is a Biased Spool Valve design made from quality aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with durability in mind; making the XLS engine able to stand up to the worst conditions. The new longer and lighter bolt for the engine allows a steady shot when running paint in a stream, this is because that lighter weight longer bolt is able to keep the movement spread from the front of the gun to the back significantly reducing the kick or recoil of the Shocker XLS. The new longer length and subsequent large volume chamber allows the XLS to get down to just 145psi operating pressure keeping this gun incredibly soft on paint.

The ASA uses the same great knob from the previous iteration meaning it is super easy to turn your air on. The bolt ejection button is underneath the back cap and still works like a charm making removing your engine a breeze. The trigger system in the Shocker XLS is crazy customizable featuring four points of adjustment and all of these adjustment points can be reached with out the having to take apart the gun! All of these adjustment points are backed up by the XLS’s software which keeps trigger bounce out of the equation meaning no penalties for a gun shooting to fast.

The case for the XLS feel good in the hands and is well made, fitting the gun, barrel, parts kit, tools, lube, an extra insert, and your quick start manual. The regulator for the XLS features a new lighter weight and higher flow regulator piston helping to keep the air coming as fast as possible so you do not have any shoot down when you are holding your lane. Back with this model is the OLED screen that brightly and clearly displays all relevant information that you could need to set your gun up to tournament standards or however you might like to adjust the settings to get it to shoot just right.

The Shocker XLS comes in standard colors like Black, Blue, Green, and Red but has other options available like Hot Pink. The Shocker XLS is a high performance at a mid-range price point, this lightweight paintball gun will not disappoint.


CVO Paintball Gun

New to the Shocker line up is the CVO; the popularity of the emerging mechanical division has cause SP to throw their hat in the ring. The CVO is a mechanical version of the XLS, and can be purchased as a kit or a whole gun giving you the option of having just the mech gun or to be able to swap your XLS at will from electronic to mechanical. The CVO is using all of the same great technology from the XLS such as the integrated regulator with new XLS Piston, the new updated bolt, and the Freak XL barrel. The big difference is that the CVO drops the board and batteries for a new Roller Actuated Pivot Valve. The RAPV is how the CVO operates; the valve only has to move 6 hundredths of a inch to operate the gun, its closed before open design prevents too much air from being used or vented as exhaust keeping the gun as efficient as can be. The new technology in the CVO makes the CVO one of the fastest shooting mech guns out on the market right now, add to that the ability to get this as a kit for your current Shocker XLS and you have the best of both worlds.

HK Shocker

HK Army paired up with then new company Shocker Paintball to create a private label Shocker RSX. It came in a variety of colors from Pewter to Dust Baby blue. The new milling, while not as sheer as the standard version, gave the Shocker RSX an aggressive stand out look.

Adrenaline Shocker

The Adrenaline Shocker is a new private milling issue of the Shocker XLS from Adrenaline Paintball, their claim to fame is early 2000’s custom milling and crazier anodizes on popular high-end guns like the WDP Angel LED and LCD. These new Adrenaline guns a taking a page out of the old school playbook and using the ever-popular Ripper milling on their private line shockers. These guns also come in just about any colorway you can imagine, but don’t think for a second that Adrenaline did not go back to their well of hits because yes there is a Thunder Struck ano on the new shocker.

Besides the cool milling and whatever you want for colors, these guns come as the XLS but also with matching anodized CVO kits as well. You also have the option of getting either a low rise or midrise feed neck for your shocker or you can go crazy and just get both, the mid-rise is useful for running the gun as mechanical with the CVO frame because the increased ball stack helps feeding for the gun in its mechanical configuration. They still have the 1 year warranty from the manufacturer just as you’d expect when buying a brand new paintball gun.
Upgrades for your shocker

HK Army produces a line of grip coverings for the Shocker called the Vice Reg Grip. They are textured grip that reduces slip and increases comfort when handling your gun. Other companies also make reg grips such as Exalt. The Exalt reg grip is contoured and made from top notch materials to ensure that they last and that they are above all else, comfortable. These reg grips come in all the standard colors that Exalt makes from Blue Swirl all the way to Orange and every color in between.

Shocker Accent Kits are another popular upgrade for your Shocker RSX or XLS because who does not want extra customization in their paintball stuff? They come in a variety of colors and give you brand new options on the styling of your gun by replacing to standard black accents that the Shocker comes with from the factory. The accent kit includes eye covers, feed neck lever, barrel back, trigger, back cap, and On/Off knob for your ASA. The kits come in colors from Teal to Black and even Brown, the sky is the limit on the amount of color combinations you can have for your Shocker.

Full Freak Kits are almost a standard with the new Shocker line. Both the RSX and XLS come with freak barrels, the RSK using the standard freak inserts and the XLS using the new XL freak inserts. The Freak and Freak XL come in aluminum and stainless-steel giving players an option on what their preferred control bore material for their barrel kit. The big benefit of the Freak kit in whichever length you go with is that the variable insert system runs the of potential sizes from .679 all the way up to .695 and has an insert at every .002 point between those two numbers. This wide range of sizes guarantees that you will be able to find an insert that will ideally fit whatever paint you happen to be shooting that weekend.

Colored Grip Kits another way to accent your Shocker to make it stand out from the crowd. The kits come in the same style that you will find on your Shocker brand new. The kits include the rear grip and the fore grip. The color choices available are Black, Blue, Red, White, and Grey giving you a great accent color to your gun.

Shocker XLS vs Planet Eclipse 170R

The biggest rival to the Shocker XLS is the 170R from Planet Eclipse and it is some stiff competition. Being around the same price point these two juggernauts of the mid-range paintball gun scene bring remarkably similar features to the table. The 170R features the Gamma Core, also used in the Etha 2 from Planet Eclipse, and it is an amazingly reliable and efficient engine getting around 10 to 11 pods off a fill. The XLS is just as reliable, is easy to maintenance, and is just as efficient getting 1400 shots off a 68 ci bottle.

One notable difference between the two is the lack of a soft face bolt for the 170R while it is standard on the XLS, that soft face bolt is important for minimizing ball breaks from the gun’s operation under consistent fire. Both guns feature an OLED screen to give the player all the information they need to operate their gun. The XLS and 170R can be convert to mechanical guns with the CVO and Gmek kits respectively.

The XLS pulls ahead in the mechanical category if high rates of fire are what you want out of your high-end mechanical gun. The CVO with its super short throw for the operation of the gun makes it able to be shot at extremely high rates of fire right out of the box. The 170R would need a hAir Trigger from Deadly Wind to have the same rates of fire as the CVO.

The biggest differences between the two become evident in their barrels and weight. The XLS comes with the better barrel, the shaft on the 170R is just the one back and with Planet Eclipse only releasing the Shaft FL in different sizes the Freak XL barrel that comes standard on the XLS. The Freak XL Barrel

System is the most popular barrel kit in paintball and coming standard on the XLS just puts the gun above in that category. The 170R is a lightweight gun but it is not as light as the Shocker XLS. That light weight design is a clear motivator on why many people would look at the XLS over the 170R.


Shocker AMP

 The Shocker AMP is the latest release from SP Paintball. Stay Tuned for more information on the latest model of Shocker paintball gun!