Powerhouse Regulator Adjustment Tool - Pro Edge Paintball
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Powerhouse Regulator Adjustment Tool

In-Store and Online


The adjustment tool is used on the new Gen 3 Haymakr standard and long body regulators. This tool will allow you to adjust your pressure from 4...

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Planet Eclipse Tool Tube Hex Key Set - Pro Edge Paintball

Planet Eclipse Tool Tube Hex Key Set

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A full set of standard allen keys for any marker. Includes 7 allen keys (1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16 and 1/4). The keys are labeled in their ...

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NEW Dye Multi Tool If MacGyver played paintball, this would be his tool. The new DYE FLEX Multi-Tool is loaded with various tools specific to the D...

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Exalt 11-Piece Hex Key Set - Pro Edge Paintball
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Exalt 11-Piece Hex Key Set

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It always seems like when you need to make an adjustment you can never find a hex key.A bright colored holder & protective bright coating on ea...

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Using the correct tools while working on your paintball gun is extremely important to prevent damaging your gear. We carry the most popular tools designed specifically for paintball gear. One of the most popular issues we see in our store is players have used the wrong sized tools to try to repair their paintball gun and have stripped a screw out or used the wrong tool and broke a part completely. Our staff here at Pro Edge Paintball store are extremely experienced and willing to help answer any and all of your technical questions. Before you start to work on your gear, get a second opinion to insure you are headed in the right direction! A new set of Allen keys goes a long way and are fairly inexpensive. Between Exalt, Planet Eclipse and Dye these companies make specifically designed tools and Allen sets that work great for working on most paintball guns out there. 

Dye Multi Tool

The Dye Multi tool is one of the best paintball tools made specifically for working on paintball guns. The tool includes a oring pic, a flat head, the most popular allen key sizes long with a macro hose wrench, a knife and a cool little tool that is used to rebuild the air on/off that comes standard on most Dye paintball guns. The tools inside this multi tool are also great for some Empire paintball markers as the tools fit both styles of guns. The best part about the tool kit is it is all inclusive and can be closed and put away inside your bag without cutting or stabbing through your gear. 

Exalt Allen Set

If your aren't looking for a full blown tool kit but a small, short set of Allen keys the Exalt hex key set is great. It is inexpensive and includes all of the most popular standard sizes keys you would need to chronograph and clean your marker. This set is very small so it doesn't take up a lot of room in your tool kit or your gear bag. 

Planet Eclipse Allet Set

The Eclipse hex tool kit set is very similar to the Exalt hex key set but offers longer hex keys to reach further into places a short hex key wouldn't be able to fit. This tool kit also has ball ended hex keys allowing you to get into screw from an angle which is great for adjusting triggers while they are still in the  trigger frame. 

O Ring Picks and Hook

The only other tool most players should need if they are working on their own equipment would be a solid set of o ring picks. These are also known as a dentist picks which are sharp on one end and allow you to remove o rings carefully. O ring picks are incredibly helpful and will save you a ton of time but be careful as they are sharp and you can stab your fingers if you aren't careful. 
If you are shopping for paintball tools give us a call or stop by anytime, we are more than happy to help where we can. 713-896-8841