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Learn About Spyder Paintball Guns

Kingman Spyder Brand

The Kingman Spyder line of markers has been around in paintball for a long time.  Their paintball guns reach back over twenty years and have managed to stand the test of time and still be one of the most popular paintball guns around.  Every older player looks back fondly on their days with their first Spyder, and owning one was almost like a rite of passage; like if you did not own one it was as if you missed out on a crucial part of the paintball experience sort of like if you skipped your high school prom.  These guns came in tons of colors and could be flashy as all get out.  Everyone dreamed of getting their Spyder and putting an eighteen-inch barrel on it to make it a sniper paintball gun.  Spyders came in mechanical or Electronic and they all pretty much worked the same, cock the bolt, turn the safety off, and go have fun.  That is still true today, these guns are phenomenal starter guns for people just getting into playing paintball regularly. 

They are easily disassembled and even easier to work on only having to focus on three O-rings to keep the guns up and running, through in a little paintball gun oil just for good measure.  True they may need more attention than your average Tippmann paintball gun like the 98 Custom but they are designed to be easy to maintain so that more than makes up for it.  Even the electronic Spyders are easy to use only needing to hold down a button to turn it on and hitting another to turn the safety off and you are good to go.   Spyders are also extremely lightweight make them perfect choices to start younger players off with ensuring that everything is not too heavy and giving them a positive experience on the playing field. 


Spyder Fenix

The Spyder Fenix is an electronic entry in the Spyder line and is a great gun to get into electronic paintball with.  The Fenix is capable of shooting up to twenty balls per second making it super fast especially for its price tag.  The Fenix electronic system comes with three firing modes; Semi Auto, PSP Ramp which is a fast three shot burst, and Millennium Ramp which is a slow three shot burst.  Pair those firing modes with the double trigger that comes stock on the Fenix and you have a recipe for very fast rates of fire.  Another part of the electronics included in the Fenix package is a set of break beam eyes, what those are is a set of sensors inside the paintball gun looking to make sure that a paintball is fully loaded into the gun before firing. 

This feature helps you not chop paintballs in half because you are shooting faster than your loader can load the paintballs into your gun.  The ASA, where you screw the air tank in at, is colored to match the gun, is sturdy and well built, accepting all air tanks for paintball use.  The grip frame is a composite material that is resilient and light weight which houses your electronics and the fang style double trigger, the fang shape is very popular among paintball players, which feels really good to use. 

The foregrip is all metal, two toned, and discreetly hides the air line at the very bottom of the gun keeping out of the way of the player.  The body comes in three color options Black, Blue, and Red and these colors are either a matte finish or a gloss finish depending on what color you pick.  The feed neck is adjustable making sure it fits all paintball loaders out there snugly preventing them from falling out or turning around while playing.  The barrel is an all-black 12-inch one-piece barrel with decent porting to help quiet down the marker.  This barrel is a great starting size being able to fit most paintballs made on the market right now.  Shoots fast, light weight, and looks cool; what else do you need in your first electronic paintball gun?


Spyder Victor

The Spyder Victor is Kingman’s entry point into paintball.  This low cost marker delivers high quality, its nimble frame, ease of use, and low maintenance cost make this gun a sure winner for your first marker.  The Victor accepts paintball tanks easily with its right off the frame port that has good strong threading.  The grip frame made of composite components help make the gun light and wieldy.  Its double trigger is smooth and comfortable helping the player shoot as fast as they can.