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clearly the packing slip says BUNKERKING CTRL DUAL SPRING RAMPS but for some reason tell me why when i opened my package this morning i got a virtue spire spring ramp?? i was trying to get it before nxl vegas lmk ASAP

Carlos Pimentel


Pre Owned - HK Army Pro Gloves - Arctic - Blue Purple

Glove fits good! Used but very clean!!

Pre Owned -HK Army TRK AIR Pants Black - Medium

Practically brand new!! Fits perfect!

HK Hauler Smoke
Arthur Faison
Great Serice !!

Delivery was fast and my order was accurate


Love the translucent white and chrome lens is perfect!
Very comfortable with and without my glasses

Love the size !

The best Jersey I have ever owned

Thank you Pro Edge for making such an awesome jersey. I love it. This jersey rocks. I ma thinking of buying 1 or 2 more before they run out. I already told my friend to order one so we could be the envy at the paintball field. I got it a size larger to feel lose and comfy while I am playing on the field. I will hopefully make a full review soon on my youtube channel about it. I would love if maybe you guys can make a camo version also for maybe the woods ball players. Thanks again.

GOG- Shocker Daughter Board SHK118
Eric Owhadi
nothing to say, works like it is supposed to

just works

Great arm pads for a great price

Love these pads, they are flexible for easy movement and slide great on the ground. They provide great ball bounces too!

Cheaper then Amazon

Good tanks and cheaper here than Amazon

Scratched way too easily

Several scratches after using a MICROFIBER cloth and water. Not proedge fault but very disappointed in virtue quality

Pre Owned HK Army Speed Loader
Johnathan Whitfield
Hk speed loader

Great price
Works great

Basic pods to have and it works great

It is very comfortable to wear and it gets the job done to protect your neck during matches.

Awesome vest it fits perfectly fine and is adjustable, and it has such a cool tactical feel to it.

I love the helmet it is comfortable and such a cool design I would recommend it for anyone else.

The gun works perfectly fine, easy to modify, and it such a cool paintball gun for a relatively low price.

Hi-def prism 2

The hi-def prism 2 is a nice looking lens. On the outside is a red-ish orange mirror. Looking through it is blue which is really nice for mid-light conditions.

The only downside to these lenses is that they're so soft. The mirroring has a little scratch after one day of use. I'm usually very good about my masks so I'm not sure what happened there.

Just like the old days

Great a hopper just like back in the day!
Reminds me of the old days playing with the revvy.
She's perfect

Great head protection, not to bulky and comfortable

Very cool, very nice. These have a bit more padding than the wepnz brand. A+

Underrated contender

So you have landed on the GT2 product page and you're wondering what people think of it - you have come to the right place. I have either owned or shot most of the modern tournament paintball markers so that might give you some scope on what to expect from this review. I'll hit on a couple points and give my honest post-weekend review.

Disclosure - I bought the "GT2 rubber front grip" to change out for the OEM metal front grip. I knew just from looking at this marker that I would want the fatter front grip and I was right. As soon as I received this marker I put the front grip on and it felt great. The rubber material that Macdev uses for their foregrip and rear grip is, for me, the best in the market right now. It has a lot of grip, but isn't too soft.

The rear grip width is thinner than the Planet Eclipse CS platform and quite a bit less than the LV2. This provides the GT2 with a nimble and light handling characteristic similar to the DLX luxe platform.

The rear grip has a longer and straighter backstrap area than most other tournament level markers. I find that this provides me with a nice range of hand positions and plenty of surface area to grab onto when switching hands quickly.

I also put the “XDR” style trigger on it because I am a fan of the deuce style though the stock trigger would have worked just fine.

I'm not going to delve into this one too much since after every single point I'm at the air station regardless of how much I shoot. I shot about 5-6 pods and a loader in a few points and came back to the pits with 1500-2000 psi in my 77ci/4500psi tank. It seems that the GT2 would be fine for just about anyone looking to pump paint into the lanes all game long.

I have also immediately added the Immortal Air “volume reducing bullet” to my GT2 drive. No before testing was completed.

Shot quality:
Look no further, the GT2 might be right at the top of the list for smooth shooters. The legendary GT drive does it again. It's not the quietest marker in the stable (DSR+ IMO) but it stays right on target and doesn't let up while ramping.

I think that this is where some might shy away. The bolt engine has quite a few parts and orings. Keep track of these pieces while cleaning and you will be fine. I would recommend picking up the Immortal Air o'ring kit and installing it right off the bat for best longevity and reliability. Mantra - take care of it, and it will do the same for you.

Fit and finish:
The anodizing on this blackout is quite nice. I'm not saying it is the best out there but I'm not disappointed by any means. The fit of the parts on the GT2 is top notch. It's right up there with Dye and PE tolerance-wise.

The Shift 3 seems good. It comes with a .681 and a .689 in a 14” length offering. I have used this kit a few times on my XTS, but primarily stick to the Dye UL-I system on any marker including the GT2.

Electronics Interface:
The time to turn this gun on is impressive. It boots up extremely fast and is ready to go in an instant. There aren't many bells and whistles like training mode or a flashy screen. It's a “just good enough” package that does the job, and does it well.

If you're looking to step outside of the PE and Dye world, now is the time with the GT2. This marker is the real deal and is worth taking a shot in the dark.