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Tippmann Hoppers and Loaders

The Tippmann hopper system or better known as the Tippmann Cyclone Feed System is one of the best paintball loaders for your Tippmann paintball gun. The Tippmann name says durability and reliability. If you are looking to add a hopper to your Tippmann paintball gun, give Pro Edge Paintball in Houston a call or stop by. We will help fit your Tippmann with the best suited paintball loader for you and your budget


Tippmann is a name in paintball that has stood for quality and reliability for more than two decades. Tippmann guns like the 98 Custom and Tippmann A5 have been crowd favorites for years and are many players first gun.  Since Tippmann has been in paintball for so long it is only natural that they make hoppers to go with their paintball gun. 


Tippmann Multi Cal Hopper

Tippmann's entry level hopper is the Multi-Cal Hopper.  This hopper offers a sleek, low profile build that looks great on a gun like the Tippmann Cronus.  One of the neat features is that it is able to feed 50 cal paintballs and 68 cal paintballs.  By easily removing the feed adapter inside the hopper you can go from 50 cal to 68 cal in a breeze.  While the hopper is set up for 50 cal it can hold almost 400 paintballs, when switched over to 68 cal it can hold up to 50 paintball.  The size makes it great for younger players transitioning from 50 cal paintball to 68 cal paintball this hopper has a weight that is very manageable for young and beginning players. 



Tippmann Cyclone Feed System

The Tippmann Cyclone Feed System for Tippmann Paintball guns is a great loader system.  It fits on the Tippmann 98 Custom, the Alpha Black Elite, and Sierra One paintball guns.  It also comes as a stock feature on the Tippmann A5 and X7 Phenom markers.  This system is capable of feeding up to 15 balls per second.  Has lots of upgrades and hopper options.  Most importantly is that it can achieve a high feed rate while requiring absolutely no batteries!   

 Tippmann Cyclone Hopper

Stock the Cyclone Feed will come with a low profile hopper that is capable of holding up to 200 paintballs.  That stock hopper has a sleek profile and allows for a free picture over the top of the gun.  Rap4 makes a 400 round capacity hopper that works with the Cyclone Feed System.  This hopper boasts an Offset design so that the loader is not in the way of you sighting down the gun, giving you a clear and unobstructed view of the field.  Then lastly there is the Tac Cap for your loader system, this hopper features the ultimate low profile keeping your vision down the gun absolutely clear.  The Tac-Cap is a low capacity hopper holding at 50 paintballs in your feed system.  The Tac-Cap is great for visibility and is perfect for playing with your magfed paintball friends. 


Tippmann Loader Upgrades

There are other Tippmann hopper upgrades for the Cyclone Feed System like new paddles for inside the loader and the mechanical parts as well.  TechT makes upgraded paddles for the loader called Squishy Paddles.  The paddles are made from a flexible rubber allowing them to be super soft on your paintballs this equates to even less paintball breaks in your hopper.  TechT makes another great upgrade to your Cyclone Feed System, the Quick Exhaust Piston Housing or QEPH for short.  This part makes the Cyclone Feed System spin faster and quicker increasing your feed rate past that stock 15 ball per second.  The QEPH allows you to send more paint downfield at that opposition and who doesn't want that?


The Cyclone Feed System is powered by the excess air used to re-cock your Tippmann Paintball gun that is just vented out into the air.  This loader system ingenuously uses that wasted air to pneumatically power a hopper system that will spin on every shot insuring that you will always have a ball in the gun for that next shot. 


Cyclone Feed System vs Electronic Loaders 

 If you are considering other paintball hoppers, give us a call or message us anytime and we can give you other alternatives that will work great on your Tippmann gun. 

The Cyclone loader is able to feed at an astounding 15 balls per second with out the use of batteries. That feed rate is on par with some of the more popular loaders on the market like the Spire IR, LVL 1.5 loader, and Halo Too from Empire. This also means that unlike the other loaders, like the GI Sportz LVL 1.5 or Virtue Spire loaders, you won't have to worry about the loader running out of power.  As long as you have air and your Tippmann shoots that Cyclone Feed is spinning to keep the paint going down field at your opponents.