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50 Caliber Paintball Guns

 Learn About .50 Caliber Paintball

50 caliber paintballs are one of the best additions to the sport of paintball in the last ten years. If you are new to paintball and have always asked, “Does paintball hurt?” The answer is, paintball can hurt but with the new low impact paintball, playing doesn’t have to hurt! 

What is 50 cal paintball and paintball lite?

Normal or competitive paintball is played with a .68 caliber paintball. This is the original size paintball that has been used since the mid eighties when paintball was invited. This larger paintball has a heavier weight and with a heavier weight comes a harder impact when it hits something.

 The new 50 caliber paintball is a smaller, lighter and less impact paintball that has been created to make playing more fun for everyone.

What does getting shot with a 50 caliber paintball feel like?

Something you don’t even feel it! If you don’t follow the rules and get shot under 10 feet of another player the paintball will sting similar to getting popped with a wet towel. This feeling isn’t the worst but definitely isn’t the best if you’ve experienced this before.

The 50 caliber paintball design isn’t scary, isn’t as loud and also allowed the 50 caliber paintballs guns to be lighter and smaller making them easier for younger kids to hold and run around with.

 Where to play .50 Cal Paintball?

Some paintball fields will call this form of paintball, paintball lite for the smaller and less scary version of normal paintball.

If you are wanting to play paintball for your first time we highly recommend to find a paintball field near you that offers 50 cal paintball! This will be more fun for you and all of your friends to go try out for your first time.

Benefits to Paintball Lite

Some additional benefits of the smaller paintball are the cost of making the paintball is less. This allows the maker of paintballs to make them of a higher quality so they will be more brittle snd hurt less than a low end, cheap .68 caliber paintball that could hurt more.

 Each player can hold more paintballs for less weight and the 5 cal paintball guns are lighter and smaller making them much more fun to hold on to when playing!

Before you go play for your first time if you have any questions please call or stop by and our staff will be more than happy to help you in any way!