Paintball Tank Refills

Paintball Tank Refills Houston, Tx

We offer CO2 fills, HPA fills and Kegerator refills in Houston for most sizes CO2 canister sizes smaller than 5lbs for paintball and kegerators.

Paintball air refills while you wait.

Bring in your CO2 tank or compressed air tank to them refilled while you wait.


co2 tank air refill houston kegerator


3000 PSI - $5.00

4500 PSI - $7.50 

(CALL FOR 4500 PSI REFILLS - 713 896 8841)



9 oz Fill- $5.25.

12 oz Fill- $5.50.

20 oz Fill- $6.00.

24 oz Fill- $6.25

$5.50 per 1 lbs (For 5lb Kegerator Co2 Tanks or Smaller Only).

We are only able to refill Paintball High Pressure Air Tanks.

VIDEO - CO2 Refills at Pro Edge Paintball



Pro Edge Paintball refills CO2 paintball air tanks a long with CO2 for kegerators. If you have an older paintball tank, the first thing you need to check is the born date of the tank.


Paintball Co2 Tank Hydro Date

The hydro date is a date that is stamped into the cylinder and tells you the month and year that the cylinder was manufactured. Most paintball co2 tanks have a life of 5 years. This is called the hydrostatic date of the cylinder.

When a Co2 tank is older than 5 years, you can no longer have your paintball tank refilled. The DOT regulation does not allow a cylinder to be refilled that is older than 5 years due to safety regulations.



Do I Need a New Air Tank!


There are services that will re hydro test your air tank but as far as paintball CO2 tanks go, the cost to have the tank re tested, costs more than buying a new paintball tank.

If you have a kegerator co2 bottle that is older than 10 years old, then you can pay to have it retested as it’s more expansive to buy a new kegerator air tank than it is to get yours tested.


Is your Paintball Tank Leaking?

If your paintball tank is leaking there are a few quick, low priced fixes that might repair your tank.


Repair Check List-
  • Check the oring around the brass valve system near the top of the tank. If this oring is damaged or old, replace it immediately and test again.
  • Ensure the burst disc is tight with an adjustable wrench (the small safety device on the valve with a hex shape)
  • Ensure the valve itself is screwed on tight to the black co2 cylinder.

We don’t recommend to repair your own paintball tanks usually due to safety concerns. If you do not feel confident or comfortable looking at the your air system, please contact us immediately or stop by and we will help get your Paintball tank back up and running.


Refilling The CO2 Tank

If you are filling your own co2 air tank, there are a few precautions to take and a few items to purchase in order to refill your own paintball tank correctly. Below is a video we found on YouTube that shows you completely how to refill your co2 tanks. If you have any questions please contact your friends here at Pro Edge Paintball!

Equipment Needed Check List