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    G500 Reuseable rubber paintballs. 68 Cal Rubber Paintballs 68 Caliber Reusable Paintballs 50 Cal Rubber Paintballs 50 Caliber Reusable Paintballs

  • Reball 500 Reusable .68 Caliber Paintballs - Yellow

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    Made with FYM technology. All the great things that made Reball „¢ have now gotten better thanks to the introduction of our FYM process. No synthet...

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Rubber Reusable Paintballs

Reusable paintballs are a great option to save you tons of money and they allow you to get more trigger time in without the extra cost. 

There are two main brands of rubber paintballs that we recommend and have used over the years. The original reusable paintball by REBALL is the best feeding, most durable and longest lasting rubber paintball available. GenX makes the Zballs which are great for a much lower cost option. 

How To Use- Our favorite way for players to keep up their skills while using the rubber paintballs is to setup a small shooting area in your back yard or even your garageThe reusable paintballs can be shot at a sheet or blanket hung over a rope in the back yard or inside your garage. Be sure you aren’t shooting at a hard surface as the rubber paintballs will bounce back at you very quickly. Wear a mask at all times.

Longevity- If taken care of correctly the rubber paintballs will last years through constant use. Be sure to put a little paintball gun oil and mix around to keep the rubber from drying out. Be sure to also clean them from time to time to keep the dirt off of the rubber paintballs, this will also prevent them from jamming or damaging your paintball gun or hopper.

Feed Rate- The Virtue Spire hopper has been a proven hopper system that will feed the REBALL or Z BALLS at a high feed rate. Other hoppers are known to jam or require you to shake your paintball gun often between firing. Most loaders will feed at a slow feed rate which is perfect for slow drills or fun shooting at home.

Accuracy- Through years of experience of shooting both the REBALL reusable paintballs and the rubber GenX Z Balls, both brands shoot as accurate and sometimes more consistent than real 68 caliber paintballs do. 

Caliber- REBALL and ZBALLS are both available in 50 cal rubber paintballs and 68 cal reusable paintballs



Reuseable Rubber Paintballs