Virtue Hoppers and Virtue Loaders
Virtue Spire paintball hoppers are the leading electric loaders on the sport. The Spire design has become a household name known for its durability, performance and reliability. The designs are simple, rugged and perform exactly how they are expected to.

Virtue Spire IR

*This is the Pro Edge highest rated paintball hopper when considering performance for every dollar spent. The Virtue Spire IR is the best hopper for one hundred dollars. 

The Spire IR is the entry level electronic hopper pedicures by Virtue. This hopper is simple, extremely durable and reliable for half the price of most other high end hoppers. Virtue has really done a great with this simple but top of the line electronic paintball hopper. 

The IR features an infrared technology that senses if there isn’t a paintball loading into the paintball gun. If the sensors are able to see each other the hopper knows there isn’t a paintball headed into your gun so it tells the hopper to spin. This is a very simple way of providing a constant and reliable feed of paintballs while playing.  

Virtue Spire IV

Details to be released...

Virtue Spire III

The Spire III was one of the first Ferrari’s of the paintball hopper category. The Spire III includes Bluetooth connectivity to your phone to adjust York settings, speed and overall performance. The sleek design offers a 220 capacity option along with a larger 280 count shell capacity. Between the high end technology and smooth design, the Spire 3 was the top of the line paintball hopper until the Spire IV arrives. 

The Spire III features a swivel shell design that would allow you to open the rear of the hopper to clean the insides easily. This was a great feature as you typically have your hands full when cleaning the inside of your loader. Another nice addition was the magnetic drive cone. The drive cone is the rubber part that physically touches the paintballs to force them into the breach to be fired. The magnetic drive cone allowed for extremely easily cleaning and disassembly while at the paintball field. 

As of May 2020 the Spire III has been discontinued and will be replaced by the currently rumored Spire IV hopper.