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Virtue Spire IR Paintball Hopper - In Stock

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Virtue Spire IR2 Paintball Hopper

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The Virtue Spire IR paintball hopper is said to be the best paintball loader under 100 dollars. Using the original Virtue Spire design but making a few changes to make the IR hopper affordable has been one of the best decisions Virtue Paintball could have made. If you are in the marker for an electronic paintball hopper, be sure to consider the Virtue Spire loader. Pro Edge Paintball is available to answer any of your questions and help you decide of the Spire IR is the right paintball hopper for you.

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Virtue Spire IR Paintball Hopper

The Spire IR loader is one of the best paintball hoppers in the game. Virtue paintball has always been a leader in the electronics of paintball with their popularity really taking off when they released upgraded circuit boards for the popular paintball guns at the time. Now with the technology in paintball guns and hoppers advancing even more, Virtue is designing paintball hoppers that are programmable. The Virtue Spire IR is the most advanced hopper around the 100 hundred dollar price. If you aren't too sure which paintball hopper is best for you, be sure to contact Pro Edge Paintball any time.

Spire IR Hopper Ease of Use

The Spire IR is one of the easiest paintball hoppers to use. With a one button on off switch to turn the hopper on or off, you can't get much easier than this. Most hoppers around this price range offer the same style button system so clearly it is the best choice when considering the players experience. If your Spire IR jams or isn't feeding and you feel you need to force spin the feed system, the IR also has a button to press to force the loader to spin extra to help with this potential jamming situation. The lid system on the IR is extremely durable and can actually be fairly difficult to open when they are brand new. This ensures your paintball hopper lid doesn't accidentally open while playing and costs you money.
In order to clean the loader, the lid system pops off with the press of one button which then gives you complete access to the hopper feed tray inside. You can remove the feed tray with the slide of one button inside which gives you access to the full path of where the paintball travels. When you want accuracy, be sure the path of the paintball is completely clean prior to playing to give the best chance of the paintballs staying clean on their way out of your gun. Once you remove the feed tray of the Spire IR hopper, you will have access to the batteries and the feed paddles of the hopper. This whole process once you learn it can be completed in less than 30 seconds. This allows you to remove the internals of your Spire IR loader in the middle of a game if needed.

Virtue Spire IR Color Choices

The Spire IR currently comes in six color choices. At Pro Edge we are a huge fan of color choices as we all know we want to stand out or at least have the option to choose. Usually in paintball when you start getting color choices, the price sky rockets but not with the Spire IR. Virtue paintball gives you a good number of colors to choose from. If down the road you do not like the color choice you went with or you change gun colors, Virtue also sells color kits for the Spire. These are fairly easy to install and gives you the opportunity to change colors without buying another new loader. If you only like a sudden change in color then when you are looking for speed feeds for your Spire IR, change up the color you choose. This will only change a small part of the appearance of your loader.
As you are shopping if you don't know what color to go with we always recommend to go the same route and choose black. Black hoppers match everything so if you choose to go with a black hoppers and a black air tank, you can change the color of the gun over the years and never have to hassle with also buying new hoppers or tanks.

Spire IR Updated Back Plate

If you are at all familiar with the original Virtue Spire, the hopper had an issue with the back plate or the area where you turn the hopper on and off at. This plastic was not made very durable and later had to be replaced. With the Virtue Spire IR, this issue seems to have been 100% fixed for good. The hopper has been out for over a year now and at Pro Edge we have not seen an single replacement of this back plate. This was not a major issue but was very inconvenient when it occurred as the hoppers electronics would be exposed to getting shot and causing more costly damage if not fixed quickly.

IR Fast Change Lid & Speedfeed

One of the best changes on the Virtue Spire IR from the original Spire is the fast change lid and speed feed options. Instead of having to replace the entire top lid piece on the original spire, the IR and Spire 3 lid systems have been redesigned for the better. The new system has a small tab that is very secure and slim fitting for the new lid and also for the new Crown 2 speed feeds. With the press of your thumb on the lid, the lid will come off and you can replace it in seconds with the upgraded crown speed feed.

Virtue Spire IR Upgrades

Now days, most paintball hoppers don't really require a ton of upgrades but if you are the type of player who likes to upgrade and customize their gear then the Spire IR gives you a few options. Available for the IR is a rechargeable battery pack that allows you to not have to carry extra batteries with you to the field. The new N'Charge system available from Virtue gives you the ability to just charge the loader the night before you play and you're ready to go. The N'Charge is actually supposed to last a very long time between each charge but we are not away of an exact number of shots per charge.
Another upgrade for the Spire IR is the newly designed Virtue Crown SF 2. The Crown SF 2 is the most expensive speed feed on the market but is by far the most consistent feeding speed feed due to each finger having it's very own spring. This offers a constant resistance from each finger. Unlike some other speed feeds, the fingers on the Crown SF 2 can individually be replaced in case of it getting shot from close up and it breaking. This is a huge savings in money as most speed feed replacements would cost you twenty to thirty dollars and the individual fingers for the Crown 2 will cost you less than ten dollars each.

Like we mentioned above, you can also change the color of your Spire IR if you want to after you purchase it. A color kit runs you fifteen dollars which is definitely cheaper and less hassle than selling your old hopper and buying a new one.
As always, if you are out shopping and just want someones opinion on what decision you should make in your purchasing of a new paintball hopper, please don't hesitate to give Pro Edge Paintball a call or message us on social media.
Thank you for shopping Pro Edge Paintball! Be Safe!