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Learn About HK Army Masks

HK Army wasn't always known for making goggles or half of the gear they make now. They started making just headbands and some t-shirts for the fans on their small brand call PB Fashion. This brand blew up and out of control and now we have HK Army who produces some of the nicest and flashy gear we have today! Like the HK Army KLR Paintball Mask! The HK Army KLR Mask has to be one of the coolest looking paintball mask on the market! With it's interchangeable ear pieces and PVT Lock quick-change lens retention system you can change to look and color of your KLR paintball mask with in minuets! With HK being HK they of course came out with 9 different thermal lens options! YES 9 different colors of lenses to pick from to have your goggle looking fancy as a steak dinner with all the sides! Check out the other top of the line paintball masks such as the Dye masks and Bunkerkings paintball masks

The HK Army KLR Mask is a top tier paintball mask that offers the protection needed, while still allowing you to look fresh to death while playing the sport we all love! The HK KLR Mask is not the only mask they have produced. Recently HK Army cam out with a mask that is extremely affordable and they call it the HK Army HSTL Goggle System. The HK Army HSTL is more budget friendly for those who want to support HK Army and their brand but not break the wallet on a first goggle purchase. The HK Army HSTL Mask offers a Thermal Lens just like all the high end goggles produced, great protection for the jaw line and my most favorite part  a strap that goes from the top of the visor to the back of the strap. What strap does it offer more stability to the mask when running around, it works best for the younger players or players with smaller heads, so it does not fall off your face!

PVT Lock Quick-Change Lens Retention System for HK KLR

The PVT Lock quick-change lens retention system is one of a kind for HK Army. This system allows you to change your lens in a flash if the weather turns for the worse or the original lens that came with the HK KLR is ready to be replaced. No tools are required all you have to do is push the tab on the inside of the mask that hold the PVT arm from letting the lens come out, do this on both sides, then remove the lens and install your new replacement lens! Now if you went out and bought some new PVT locks in a different color to give your KLR mask some extra flare, it is easy to replace the PVT locks too! It requires a small flat head screw driver or a pair of needle nose pliers. Once you have your tools take the C-Clip off the post that holds the PVT lock arm in, there are two one on top one on bottom, once you do that replace with the new PVT lock arm you got and replace the locking bars and clips! it's that easy to change the color or style of you HK Army KLR Mask!


Pure Lenses for HK KLR Mask

HK Army went above and beyond with the KLR from all the accessories if offers for a paintball mask! The Pure Lenses they make are nothing but amazing, 9 different color or style options to pick from. They offer the standard; Clear, Smoked, HD Amber but the mirrored lenses they make are amazing and they offer; Chrome, Aurora Green, Cobalt Blue, Scorch Red, Prestige Gold, Arctic Blue and Fusion Lens. The Scorch Red is one of our favorites at the shop, we recommend checking that one out! The lenses are all thermal so no need to worry about possible fogging issues. The lenses all have a UV coating built in to the lens that stops all those bad sunlight rays from damaging your eyes. HK Army really thinks of it all!!!


Accessories for HK HSTL Paintball Mask

With this still being a new goggle HK Army has only come out with a couple accessories for the HSTL Mask. As of now the main items you can change out is the foam and lenses. The HSTL Mask only has two lenses for it at the moment; the replacement Clear Thermal Lens and a Smoked Thermal Lens. In the future I see HK Army making more color options for the HSTL Mask but it is still very new to the market.