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Houston Paintball Tournaments

Paintball in Houston

Houston is full of local paintball tournaments for beginners up to the experienced playing level. If you are new, take a minute to read our article below to learn more about competition paintball and how Houston and Texas offer some of the best opportunities to get started! 

If you are new to competition paintball we are going to break down the basics of tournament paintball so that you know how and where to get started.

Let's get started! 

Paintball Tournaments

3 vs 3 Format

If you have looked into tournament paintball, most starter and beginner leagues start out in a 3 players vs 3 players format. This is this most basic format nearly all long time players started playing. On a 3 man tournament team you are able to have up to 5 players on your roster while only 3 players can walk onto the field at one time to play. 

Beginner paintball tournaments Houston

5 vs 5 Format

The next level up and the most common format is 5 players vs 5 players. This roster can have up to 7 or 9 players depending on the league you are participating in. This format up to 5 players can play on the field at a time per team while you have extras when others get tired. 

Houston Paintball tournaments

Player Ranking

The tournaments around the world use an ID number to track each players progress. This ID number helps prevent players from a higher level competing at the lower levels which would make it very unfair and unenjoyable for beginner paintball players. To create a player ID number is free, just visit https://pbleagues.com/ to get started and to learn more about the tournaments in your area. 

Tournament paintball in Houston


Houston Paintball Tournaments

Currently the best tournament series in Houston is the HTPS, also known as the Houston Texas Paintball Series. This league is owned and operated by local paintball players who play every weekend at the local fields! If you are looking to start a paintball team or looking to play paintball tournaments in Houston, we highly recommend you check out the link above. 

The next step is to find out when the next paintball tournament is in your area and take an afternoon to go check it out and walk around. You will learn so much and meet some of the players involved by going out to a local paintball tournament. Who knows, you might even meet a team to start playing with. 

The Houston paintball community is very friendly and welcoming to new players. If you don't think you are ready to go out to a local tournament, check out the Houston Paintball Club group on Facebook. This group was created to give local players a place to come together, meet one another and organize days to go out to different fields to play. 

Houston paintball club

If you still have any questions about paintball tournaments in Houston, be sure to stop by our paintball store here in Houston to talk to our staff. We all play and compete locally and nationally and are willing to help any way we can!

Good luck getting started into tournament paintball, we will see you soon!

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