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First Strike Mag Fed Guns

First Strike is the company that proudly produces the famous First Strike Round. To match their revolutionary paintballs the company produces some of the coolest and most realistic mag fed paintball guns out there.  From the T8.1 to the modern T15 and a plethora of paintball gun pistols First Strike is a leader in MagFed paintball play.  Their First Strike paintballs fit into their line of paintball guns ranging from the FSC pistol to the T15 marker.   


First Strike Paintballs 

First Strike Rounds or FSR as they are called for short are a paintball that change up the game.  These paintballs have a ridged skirt on them that help them spin in the air acting as if they are a rifled projectile giving them the ability to fly further that a regular paintball.  A regular paintball fired at 300 feet per second will fly through the air for about 200 feet.  A First Strike Round fired at the same velocity will travel up to 400 feet.  This is achieved through the aerodynamic design and the ridged skirt.  The design also helps the paintball fly more accurately because of the self-rifling, think like how a perfect spiral on a football pass helps it fly straighter.  FSRs come in a variety of colors from red and grey to purple shells and just as many fill colors.  First Strike Rounds are compatible with most magazine fed paintball guns like the Dye Dam, Planet Eclipse MF100, the Tippman TiPX and TCR, and of course the range of paintball guns produced by First Strike. Shop our full selection of First Strike Paintball and .68 Caliber paintballs online. 


First Strike Paintball Guns 


First Strike FSC is a small magazine fed pistol designed to fit in the hand and not be an overly huge paintball gun.  The FSC uses magazine from the T8.1/9.1 and can use either 8 gram or 12-gram CO2 cartridges.  This gun is small and fits in the hand nicely.  It comes standard with an ambidextrous safety, a micro honed barrel, and two 6 Round magazines.  The FSC can support a wide range of accessories and attachments.  There are picatinny rails that may be mounted to the top of the gun to allow for sights like the FSC Optics Rail.  The FSC Folding Stock gives your pistol a stock with a remote line gas through feature removing the need to carry CO2 cartridges to power the gun. We sell a large selection of CO2 paintball tanks in store and online.


First Strike Roscoe is a 50 cal semi auto revolver pistol.  It comes with two revolver cylinders that hold up to 6 paintballs each, trigger blade safety, and all aluminum construction.  It is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge inside the handle, breaks in the middle to allow for loading, and it is able to shoot 50 cal first strike rounds.  This old school, Dirty Harry style will turn heads at the local paintball field or scenario. 


First Strike T15 is a model designed to remind you of a real gun.  Everything from its weight to the safety is built around making you feel like you are going to war.  The T15 comes in a slew of different loadouts from the factory.  These include The Scout, CQB, & PDW.  The T15 features 1 to 1 real AR design, allowing you to attach many real steel accessories.  It comes chambered in First Strike Round and .68 caliber paintballs.  Comes with an aluminum hand guard with four picatinny rails for your sights, foregrips, lights, and anything else that can be mounted to a picatinny rail.  The gas-thru stock is a standard feature and the shroud will fit most 13/3000 HPA tanks.  The gun comes with 2 Pin quick disassembly, making it super easy to fix problems should they arise or if you just want to do a quick cleaning at the field.  Comes with two 20 round continuous feed magazines and can be changed to run hopper fed as well.   


First Strike Upgrades and Magazines 

One of the most popular upgrades for your T15 is the First Strike T15 Full Auto Kit.  This kit is easy to install by just swapping out some parts.  It comes fully adjustable allowing you to determine the rate of fire.  Is able to do semi auto and full auto and fits all T15 Markers. 

The V2 Magazines for your T15 paintball gun are a clear upgrade.  The Version 2 magazines features toolless disassembly and comes ready for Full Auto right out of the box.  Will hold up to 20 FSRs no problem.  Now available in 30 round capacity.  Comes in Smoke and Clear colorways.  Fits all T15 markers and is made of break resistant plastic.   


Are First Strike Rounds Worth it? 

First Strike Rounds are a great thing to use in Mag Fed games or large scenarios.  They are going to fly forever and really reach out to hit your enemies for you.  While more costly than a regular paintball, you could argue that you are saving money because the FSR flies further and more accurately that you don’t have to waste paint on shots you will be missing making using the FSRs more cost effective since you have to shoot less of them to hit your targets.  The FSR also gives you a sense of immersion into a tactical style of game play, the FSRs are shaped like bullets in a way and you don’t have to lob your shots to get the distance, making it feel a little more real if that is an experience you are going for when you are playing Mag Fed. 

How far do first strike rounds really go? 


First Strike T15 vs Planet Eclipse Emek MF 100 

Two giants of MagFed paintball the T15 and the MF100 from Planet Eclipse, these two guns are among the top two most popular markers for MagFed Paintball. The Planet Eclipse guns are some of the most popular and best performing guns available.  The reason for this is that both guns are solid performers with lots of upgrades and accessories and just plain look cool.  The MF100 is not as costly as the T15 but that does not make the T15 overpriced.  The T15 with its heavy emphasis on realism is a crowd pleaser.  The T15 just feels solid from its gas thru stock to the Mag-well on through to the aluminum hand guard.  It just has a look that the MF100 does not have.  Depending on what you are looking for in your choice of aesthetic with your gear but if realism is your goal then the T15 is the clear winner.  Both guns are able to shoot First Strike Rounds and .68 Cal paintballs but where they differ is their choice of loading them into the gun. 


The MF100 uses the Dye Dam Magazine which means if you want a twenty round magazine you have to settle on ten rounds in one side then drop your mag. flip your magazine, reload it to shoot the next ten.  However over on the T15 the magazines are 20 round continuous feed magazines meaning that you are not rotating and reloading the same magazine to get twenty shots on the T15 its one and done.  First Strike also just started releasing thirty round continuous feed magazines so you have a whopping thirty shots in one magazine!  The MF100 uses a push button safety which is great, but the T15 has a select fire switch that is easily thumb operated and is a lot of fun to use.  Both guns are mechanical but the T15 pulls ahead in this category because of the First Strike Full Auto Kit that can be installed on the gun giving it an extra firing mode that the MF100 does not have.