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First Strike T15 Paintball Gun

Learn About the Tiberius T15

The First Strike T15 is mag-fed players answers for a 1 to 1 realistic paintball marker. First Strike, also known as Tiberius, has been producing the T15 paintball markers for some time now and have a few styles to pick from! Whether you are an up front in your face style of player or taking it easy and seeing what First Strike Rounds are really about, First Strike has a few different T15's to choose from. They offer the CQB, PDW, T15 Machine Pistol, Standard T15 and the DMR. All different styles to fit all types of play! See our other mag fed paintball guns here. 



The CQB is great for clearing rooms or those tight spots you find yourself in, with the 6" barrel and mock suppressor you can live out that Call of Duty play you always imagined. This model is one of the most popular, compact mag fed paintball guns currently available. 



The PDW is similar in size to the CQB however the stock is slightly different and no mock suppressor. It comes with the same 6" barrel the CQB does and a collapsible stock that slides into the T15, making it a small package you could put in a bag without disassembly! It does require you to have your own tank and remote line for this maker to fire.


Machine Pistol

Ahh the T15 Machine Pistol... this marker is small!!! It comes with the same barrel as the CQB and PDW but comes with the Pistol Remote Backplate Adapter so you can plug your remote line right into your marker and go! This marker is more for the run and gun type. If you like seeing how far you can get up the field and have a lighter-weight mag-fed marker... MACHINE PISTOL!!!


Standard Tiberius T15

The Standard T15 is what set the foundation for all the 1 to 1 realistic mag fed paintball markers, from the accessories you can attach to the feel of the T15 is unmatched. There are so many upgrades for it you can get lost looking, some of the most popular ones are the pistol grips and new hand guards for M-LOK or Picatinny! The T15 is loved all around the paintball world for its ability to shoot First Strike Rounds to changing how the marker looks and performs in minutes. If you are in the market for a mag-fed marker... look no further!



T15 DMR is your mag fed sniper dream! The 14" barrel with the mock suppressor will help you reach out and touch people at distances we dream of, of course the First Strike Rounds are a must! The marker comes with the FS Riser adjusts up and down to compensate for that pesky ball drop. This allows you to configure the vertical angle of your scope to keep you on target at different distances. You will need to put some type of optic or red dot on top to see what you are shooting at a distance. ( No one likes a team killer ) The First Strike T15 is your ticket to all day fun whether that is a ghillie suit or being the first man in the building!