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  • Virtue Handheld Clock Chronograph 66 - Black

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    The Clock 66 is the next generation paintball chronograph with a major reliability and performance upgrade. The Clock has become the industry st...

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  • X Radar Deluxe Handheld Chronograph

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    The best way to ensure that you're playing safe. Features Handy size: 5 3/8 x 2 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches Weighs under 7 ounces with battery installed No...

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Learn About Paintball Chronographs

Paintball chronographs are very important to the safety of the players as they are used to test the velocity of each paintball gun before it is used in a game. Most paintball facilities will test the speed of the paintball and keep the velocity under 285 or 300 feet per second. This speed is roughly 200 miles per hour when converted. When a paintball gun shoots over this speed the paintballs tend to break or not shoot straight and could also harm a person if shot close up. The paintball chronographs cost between one hundred and three hundred dollars depending on the brand and the features available in the unit. If you have any questions about getting a chronograph for your own personal use or for your paintball field, our staff is ready to help find which chronograph will best fit your needs and budget.

Watch how to use a chronograph in our Chronograph Tutorial Video Here. 

Chronograph is a very important safety tool for paintball players. It is how we are able to regulate what speed we have to shoot at for the day of play at any paintball field! This device reads how fast the paintball is projecting out of the barrel so you can adjust up or down if needed. Many different companies make or sell a chronograph, Empire and Virtue are two of the main ones who offer such a thing to the average player. There are other brands and styles out there, like some of the ones you may have seen at your local paintball field. Those are typically made of metal and usually very heavy to lug around from field to field on a day of play. This is why Empire and Virtue came to the rescue to offer a chronograph to the general paintball public.

Empire X-Radar Chronograph

Empire teamed up with X-Radar to offer a great portable chronograph to check your speed no matter where you are! This chronograph is very light weight and can be used with one hand. Only thing you need to do is install a 9 volt battery to get started, play the rubber tip of the chronograph 1 inch back from the tip of the barrel, hold the square button above the read out screen and shoot. It will project the FPS (Feet Per Second) on the screen, from here you will either need to make an adjustment up or down to get to the legal speed used at the field you are going to/are at! Most fields are around 275-300FPS, a safe speed to be at if not sure of the field's speed is around 285FPS. This chronograph does read BPS (Balls Per Second) as well. If you do the same as if you were going to test for the FPS, instead of shooting one shot shoot a stream of paintballs and it will give you your BPS! For a small package it offers so much!


Virtue Clock III Chronograph

This chronograph is more like a cell phone then a chronograph! So many more features then the standard FPS and BPS. This chronograph can link up to you phone via Bluetooth and store all the information it is giving you on the screen on to your phone! If you are one of those paintballers who likes to tune their markers to get the most they can out of them, this is a great tool to add to your paintball tech bench! It runs off of 4 AA's and is extremely battery efficient, it does have a battery indicator on the screen so if you are not sure when the last time you changed the batteries it will tell you what you need to know. The screen is big and very easy to read even on bright sunny days. It has two ways to show you the FPS or BPS, one you pull the trigger on the Virtue Chronograph it will show you the standard screen that shows you the FPS, BPS and average of you FPS, if you are really trying to tune the marker. If you hold the trigger down while the chronograph is on it shows you a large FPS reading. This makes it really easy to see the number when using the chronograph!