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All About Dye Paintball Masks

Over the years the paintball brand Dye has risen to the top. Dye paintball has dominated at all levels in the sport including developing the best paintball gear ever made. If you are new to paintball, be sure you consider Dye masks for your next choice. Below we breakdown each mask Dye has produced over the years and help guide you in which one will be the best for your preferences. If you are interested in other top rated paintball masks, be sure to take a look at the Empire masks that we have available for another option. 

Dye I5 2.0 Mask:

The Dye I5 paintball mask is one of the leading masks currently available. The new design includes an easy to change lens system anyone can learn in minutes in addition to a first of its kind ratchet goggle strap for loosening and tightening your mask. The I5 uses the same lens system that its predecessor the I4 used. The lenses inside of the Dye i5 masks range from Clear to their mirrored version depending on the color mask you are shopping for. The new I5 design includes an upgraded facial foam attachment that is easily removeable and replacement in case you would like to clean or replace the facial foam.

Do you have a larger adult sized head and are looking for the best fit? We highly recommend the Dye i5 mask for any adult or player with a larger head as it is fully adjustable and also offers full face, chin and ear protection for even larger heads.


Dye I4 Mask:

The Dye I4 mask is one of the lightest and most sleek masks available. If you are looking for something with a very small profile and you have a smaller head or are a younger player, we recommend the Dye I4 mask as the one to try on and check out. The lenses available in the I4 mask are the same as the i5 with a large range of visibility and an easy to change system built into the mask. Depending on the color of Dye I4 masks you like will determine the color of lens that comes standard.

One word of warning, if you have a larger adult sizes head players often comment that the edge of their cheek and chin will hang out a little while wearing the Dye I4 masks.

Dye Thermal Lenses

Over the last 10 + years Dye has proven they make some of the most durable and reliable lenses available. The Dye thermal lenses are some of the best lenses available to prevent fogging up even during rainy and him days at the paintball field. Like with most brands, the Dye masks come with a variety of styles of lenses. 

The Clear lens is the most popular due to the ability to use it under all circumstances. The next most popular will be the smoked lens that is best when playing during a bright day, similar to wearing sun glasses while outside.