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Empire Paintball Guns

When it comes to Empire Paintball guns, we carry every line from top to bottom. We have an amazing relationship with Empire Paintball due to over 10 years of partnership and friendship , this ensures that the factory support Empire offers can quickly and easily be passed on to you better than anyone else can offer. Don't forget, Pro Edge Paintball offers color swaps on all Empire paintball markers at no charge. If it is possible to color swap parts, we will do it for you if you ask!

Learn About Empire Guns

Over the years Empire paintball guns have become more and more popular. With the growth of the brand.

 If you’re in the market for a new empire paintball gun there are a few to choose from.

With empire people being around for a very long time there are a lot of paintball guns out there from empire long time

Empire Mini GS

To start things out one of the most entry-level paintball guns that empire makes is the Empire Mini GS

The Empire mini GS is extremely solid entry to mid-level paintball gun for under $300 the mini is a very light paintball gun for new players or younger players getting started this is more of an advanced entry-level gun as it offers different firing modes which are competitive with a lot of the higher end table markers out there

Some of the features include front rubber grips clapping feet neck the double trigger and the extremely efficient bolt system that’s used on most empire Paintball guns.

Empire Axe 2.0 

The next level paintball gun from empire is the Empire Axe 2.0

The Empire Axe Paintball gun is a more advanced upgraded version of the Empire many GS

The extra point no offers a tool list but system so you’re able to main maintenance very quickly if you’re at the paintball field and need to clean it and also offers a much larger group frame for adults that fill the empire many is too small for their hands

The ask includes a much nicer lever on off to turn your air on and off in addition to a two-piece barrel that improves your accuracy.

Empire SYX

Until 2019 the Empire Axe 2.0 was one of the higher end Axe is available from Empire.  Recently Empire Paintball has released the Empire SYX

The new Emprie SYX paintball gun is the newest version empire ask which offers the tallest bolt removal along with tallest battery replacement a much nicer case to keep your paintball gun in along with a two piece barrel.

Empire Dfender

Depending on the type of player you are empire also offers the tactical style play ball guns The main tactical paintball gun that empire is known for is called the defender

Need to dip the fender paint ball gun is a completely unique style marker that has a paintball hopper integrated into the gun itself this allows a much more sleek design without a large hopper sitting over the top as you play

With most empire paintball guns comes the ask both system which is no different inside the defender this allows the defender to be reliable is in a maintenance and extremely efficient.

The Dfender also has a select fire switch which makes it extremely easy to change firing modes mid game very similar to some of the Tippmann paintball guns.

Empire Vanquish GT

If you were in the market for a high and paintball gun empire also offers something for you

Be the empire vanquish GT high-end paintball marker is the Ferrari of empire paintball guns the Empire baker GT offers a much more sleek design with a very nice display screen to adjust all of your firing modes quickly and easily

The vanquish GT comes with a very nice soft case that holds all of your tools parts and O-ring kit‘s

In addition to the case you’re also able to fully customize it your display screen when you turn your paintball gun on with the USB cord that comes included with your vanquish the vanquish offers the ability to shoot extremely brittle paint to compete at the highest levels Pro Edge mobile is proud to sponsor professional paintball team ac: DALLAS that shoot the empire vanquish GT ac Dallas finished fourth in the 2019 and XL paintball season while shooting exclusively the Vanquish GT.

Empire Sniper Pump

Some players aren’t looking for the most flashy or highest performing paintball gun but more of a classical, more challenging way of playing. The Empire Sniper pump Paintball Gun gives the opportunity to save money on the number of Paintballs you use each day while challenging yourself to become a better paintball player. The Empire Sniper is a pimp action, well built, reliable pump paintball gun that comes in at the mid price level. There are other pump paintball guns available for less but the Sniper gives you a little more style for the price.


Empire Resurrection

In addition to the classical old school style pump paintball gun, the Empire Resurrection or Empire Autococker is a rebuild model of one of the original semi auto paintball guns, the Autococker. This style of paintball is completely mechanical with a slow rate of fire. Mechanical paintball is making its way back to main stream recently allowing younger Paintball players to play different style paintball games like they did in the early 1990s.

As you can tell empire Paintball has a lot to offer at all price levels if you’re in the market for a reliable dependable well priced paintball gun with a well-known name in fact her support please consider empire paintball guns if you have any questions you can always reach us you can always contact Pro Edge paintball through email through Phone or through social media