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Empire Dfender Paintball Gun


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    This item only includes the paintball gun. A hopper, air tank, mask and paintballs sold separately.  The innovative genius of Empire Paintball has...

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Learn About the Dfender

The Empire Dfender paintball which was originally the BT Dfender is one of the coolest tactical paintball guns ever created. This paintball gun is a very light weight paintball gun that doesn't have your standard hopper on top. The Dfender has a hopper designed into the stock of the gun that pushed paintballs to the front of the gun and into the firing system. This is a first of its kind and is awesome!


Dfender Select Fire Capability

In addition to a cool hopper instead of the stock, the Dfender also offers a trigger system that allows you to select which firing mode you would like to use. The options are Semi auto which is just one paintball shot out with one trigger pull. The next option is a ramping or 3 ball burst mode and then the last option is a mode very similar to full auto. These are easily changeable just with a flip if a little switch near the trigger.


Multiple Barrels

One of the best features that comes stock with the Dfender is the multiple barrels that come with the gun. One barrel that comes with the Dfender is the Freak Kit that gives you multiple inserts for fine tuning your barrel and its accuracy. The other barrel that come with the Dfender is the APEX barrel which is a barrel that can put a spin the paintball to shoot around corners or curve up so that it shoots a longer distance.


Lightweight Magnesium

At first sight the Empire Dfender looks like it would be a heavy paintball gun. The Dfender is actually extremely light weight because it is made out of Magnesium. This metal is durable, light weight and gives the feel of the Dfender a nice light weight easy to handle feel to it.


Dfender Hopper and Speedfeed

The hopper system inside of the Dfender is a high tech, fast feeding system similar to the internals of the Empire Prophecy Z2 hopper system. This allows the gun to shoot up to 20 balls per second without a problem! The hopper even comes with a plastic speed feed stock with the purchase of a new gun. A speed feed allows you to easily load without having to open a lid while in the middle of a fire fight.

Empire Axe Internals

The best part about the Empire Dfender is the design of the bolt system. The internals of the Dfender are identical to the Empire Axe and Mini Gs paintball guns. These designs are some of the most reliable and efficient bolt designs so it made perfect sense to drop this into the Dfender.