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About Empire Masks

Empire Paintball Masks

Odds are if you have played paintball at all you have seen a ton of players already wearing some model of the Empire paintball masks. The Empire brand offers some of the best masks at all price levels, as low as $20 and as high as $200. Below we breakdown each mask that Empire makes to help you make the best choice for your next paintball mask!


Empire EVS Mask:

The EVS mask is the leading mask around $150. The EVS offers the widest field of view out of nearly all masks out there and is designed to fit adults better than players with smaller heads. This mask also offers one of the easiest lens removal systems. If you have ever tried to take a lens out of other masks you have found how difficult it can be. The EVS paintball mask lens system allows you to switch lenses in less than a minute once you learn the system. One of our favorite features of the Empire EVS is the replaceable foam that clicks into place. The foam soaks up all of your sweat each time you go play so the ability to easily clean this or replace it makes this mask one of our favorite masks currently available.


Empire Eflex Mask:

The Eflex mask is one of the older designs from Empire but still one of the players favorites. This mask system combines the JT Proflex mask with the Empire Vents mask. The Eflex offers some of the softest foam along with full face protection and an easy to change lens system. The Eflex mask uses the same Vents lens system as the Empire Helix mask offers. The perk of this is if you have purchased the Helix mask as your first mask and you have upgraded lenses available, once you move to the Eflex mask you will be able to sue those same lenses on your new mask!


Empire Helix Mask

The Empire Helix mask is the entry level mask that Empire offers. The Helix goggle system is available in two models, either the single lens or the thermal lens versions. The Single version means that the lens that comes in the mask is a single paned lens and offers an anti fog coating. The Thermal version of the Helix is the one we recommend of the two. This version is two lenses sealed together that prevents the lens from fogging up at all during playing. The Helix mask is available for $29 to $50 depending on the model that fits your budget. The only downside we would say about the Helix mask is the foam used for the face is a little stiff and not as soft as some of the other masks we have tried on.