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Paintball Backpacks

Learn about Paintball Backpack Choices

Paintball back packs are great for the player who doesn't travel with a ton of gear or equipment. We carry a large selection of the latest backpacks in store. If you like to travel and don't like to carry a lot of gear, consider a paintball back pack. The ability to hold your gear on your back comfortably while having your hands free to carry other gear is one of the best perks of going this route especially if you have ever played a paintball event where it rained and you had to drag your bag through mud. Stop by or shop online for the best paintball back pack for your needs and budget. 


Paintball backpacks are a great alternative to traditional paintball gear bags.  Being smaller and lighter in weight the paintball backpack is a convenient way to get your gear from your home to the field.  Backpacks are offered from variety of companies, such as HK Army, Virtue, Planet Eclipse, and Dye.  These bags come in a variety of sizes giving you the option to carry some or a lot of gear to the field.


HK Army Expand Backpack

HK Army’s entry into the backpack world is their Expand Backpack.  This is a great bag with hardy straps that are comfortable to wear.  The sides are semi rigid helping it to hold its form even when empty.  The backpack expands at the bottom allowing it to carry even more gear.  On the top it has a compartment that is line with soft material for your goggle.  This bag is capable of carrying your clothes, a full setup, pack, and your goggles. Coming in colors from Hawaiian to all black you will definitely find a color way you like.


Virtue Gambler Bag

Virtue’s Gambler Bag is a great bag to carry lots of gear to the field.  It is a large bag that extends to increase its depth.  Full of large pockets and compartments this bag can easily manage a lot of gear or clothing.  One of the cool features of the bag is the bag has a sleeve that will hold your assembled setup.  The bag does not have a special pocket for your goggle system but with lots of buckles on the the outside there is a spot on which you can hang your goggles.


Planet Eclipse GX2 Backpack

This bag from Planet Eclipse is pretty gnarly!  These bags come in a bunch of colors from orange to green and even HDE Earth Camo.  The expand to hold a large amount of paintball gear.  Capable of carrying two sets of clothes, pack, pods, full gun setup, and mask.  On the outside there are straps that will securely tie down your marker fully setup for easy carrying.  This is a great bag with lots of upside and it looks fantastic to boot! You cannot go wrong with this bag.


Dye Backpacks

Dye has two backpacks on the market, the Dye Fuser .25T and the Dye Backpacker .35T these two bags look stylish and are extremely light weight.  The Dye Fuster .25T is the smaller of the two bags but it can still carry quite a bit.  It can carry a lot of your odds and ends gear to the field and protect things like your wallet, phone, laptop, and other stuff you might bring out to a day of paintball.  The Dye Backpacker .35T is much larger than the Fuser and can hold a tremendous amount of gear.   It has pockets on the outside for carrying tools and extra lenses. The bag looks small but has room to hold a full set of clothes, your tank, and gun case no problem. 


Backpacks for paintball have come a long way from the ultra heavy bags that they used to be.  Today’s bags are light weight and come with great features to help you on your way to the field.  Any of the backpacks will be a great and great looking choice for your travels.