Grease and Oil

Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun Grease - Pro Edge Paintball

Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun Grease

In-Store and Online


All new Eclipse Grease! Ideal for lubing your Inline Regulator Piston, Low Pressure Regulator Piston or simply to make things really slippy! If you...

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Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun Oil -  10ML - Pro Edge Paintball

Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun Oil - 10ML

In-Store and Online


This is the same oil now being shipped with Egos and Eteks. This is a great high performance synthetic oil for use on any gun with requires oil. 

TechT Gun Sav - Performance Paintball Grease - Pro Edge Paintball

TechT Gun Sav - Performance Paintball Grease

In-Store and Online


Lubrication is the life giving blood to any paintball marker. No matter what type of gun you shoot, it requires lubrication to in keep the seals ho...

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Ultra Silk Superior Lube - 1 oz - Pro Edge Paintball

Ultra Silk Superior Lube - 1 oz

In-Store and Online


UltraSilk is a custom blended, penetrating, marker treatment! Engineered to have a lighter viscosity, UltraSilk lubricates, controls corrosion, and...

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Paintball Marker Oil - 1oz. - Pro Edge Paintball
Sold out

Paintball Marker Oil - 1oz.

In-Store and Online


Paintball marker and o-ring lubricant features a 1 oz. easy dispense bottle, reduces friction and wear of all moving internal marker parts and keep...

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Taking care of your paintball gun is extremely important if you want to get the best performance out of your gear. We carry multiple options of gun lube and grease so if you are near by our store feel free to stop by any time so we can show you which lube would be best for your specific marker and gear. Some markers require gun oil, some require grease and some require both depending on which part of your marker you are cleaning and lubricating. Be certain to do your research prior to using the wrong lube in your paintball gun as it could cost you in repairs if you use the incorrect lube. 
No matter if you are using an entry level gun, a tactical mag fed marker or a high end electronic gun we carry the lube specifically designed to work with your setup.  Give us a call or stop by anytime! 713-896-8841

What lubrication does my gun need?

One important factor to keep in mind when maintaining your paintball marker is to be certain you are using the correct lubrication. There are some rules to go by and of course if for some reason you aren't certain which lube to use, give us a call or stop by so we can help point you in the right direction. If you are using a Spyder or Tippmann style gun, meaning it has a hammer with a main drive spring inside of it then most likely you will need to use paintball marker oil. If you are using a gun that used a solenoid or electronics to fire and cycle the gun then most likely you will need to use paintball grease. 

The purpose of oil and grease are to allow the markers to work the best possible without damaging any moving parts. While grease actually helps the orings inside of your gun to swell up and seal correctly, paintball oil helps lubricate the orings and moving parts so they don't wear against one another more than they should. The most popular question we get regarding this topic is, "Can I use real gun oil in my paintball gun?". The answer is absolutely not. Real gun oil is corrosive to rubber orings and will eat away the orings inside of your marker. Some lubes, oils and greases are thicker or more thin and will work differently different on the design of the paintball gun so it is very important to know the purpose of using each style of lube.

The cost of grease and paintball gun oil is very low ranging from $5 to $10 for a container that should last a normal player 6 months to 1 year. We highly recommend to use the correct lubrication and to not take any short cuts when taking care of your gear. If you were to use the incorrect grease or oil, the repairs could cost you 10 times the amount the correct lube would have cost you. 

Our staff here at Pro Edge Paintball are experienced and more than happy to answer any of your paintball cleaning, oil and grease questions.