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Learn about the HK Army Hoppers

HK Speed Loader

The Speed Loader from HK Army is a budget minded hopper that packs a punch. Being one of the lightest hoppers on the market weighing in at under 1 pound without batteries! This fast feeding loader will keep up with you no matter your style of play.  Its balanced center of gravity makes the hopper sit well on any gun and not weigh it down. This hopper is sure to perform up to your expectations.

Speed Fast Ball Loading

The Speed Loader from HK Army feeds fast, capable of feeding up to 30 balls per second this hopper is able to perform to some of the fastest rates of fire in paintball. Speed Loader in terms of speed is up there with the likes of the Rotor from Dye Paintball and the Halo TOO from Empire in terms of feed rate. Being able to keep up with those hoppers you can see how the Speed Loader got its name.

Hopper Is Tool-less Cleaning

No one likes cleaning their loader, it is difficult to do, the hopper is cramped inside or you have to completely take the loader apart to get in there to really clean no one wants to do that, the Speed Loader solves that problem. The nose cone of your Speed Loader is able to be removed without tools making cleaning a snap. Removing the nose cone is a simple task, just push in on the button on the nose cone and slide it off, once removed you have straight and easy access to the entire inside of your loader making cleaning a breeze. In addition to tool-less cleaning the battery tray is opened without tools making swapping out batteries no trouble at all. The battery door has two convenient finger grooves that your fingers slot into and then just pull back then your batteries are exposed for replacement, easy as pie.

HK Accessories and Upgrades

The HK Army Speed Loader comes pretty perfect stock right out of the box but there are some things you can install on your Speed Loader to increase performance.

Speed Feeds can be installed on the Speed Loader relatively easily, one of the best ones is the Exalt Speedfeed . Exalt is preferred because their parts are always top notch and guaranteed to work. Installation is easy, all you have to do is remove your original rain lid, then place the Universal Feed Gate over the feed mouth then tighten down the feed gate to desired snugness.  

The Speed loader also has a high capacity nose cone that can increase the capacity of your Speed to almost 400 paintballs, that is a lot of paintballs to be carried around in your loader. Using the same tool-less disassembly to remove the nose cone that comes standard on the Speed Loader you remove the original nose cone then install the high capacity one in its place.

The Speed Loader is a definite performer on the field able to feed ball after ball making sure you are sending paint down field at your opponents. With teams like San Diego Dynasty in the professional league using this hopper to win events at the top level of competitive paintball you know it works. This loader is worth a look no doubt.