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Paintball Fields In Houston

Paintball Houston

Houston Paintball Fields

With Houston being so large we have one of the largest selections of paintball fields to choose from out of most cities.


In no particular order, here are some of the well established paintball fields in Houston you have to choose from.

TXR Paintball in Cypress,TX.


TXR Paintball is located in Cypress, TX and offers over 30 acres of playing area. This facility is known for its large Castle attack and defend map in addition to the large creek that runs right through some of the maps. TXR is home of the largest paintball games ever held in Houston with some games reaching over 1100 players all playing over a 48 hour period!

This facility offers a place to play for every level of player. They offer birthday birthday party rental packages, scenario and tactical style games and also the airball or speedball style for the tournament players.


If you are every in the Cypress area outside of Houston, be sure to look up TXR Paintball. 


Tank's Paintball in Richmond, TX

Tanks Paintball is another one of those names that has been around a very long start. The owner of Pro Edge worked for Tank’s Paintball for over 8 years prior to opening Pro Edge In 2008! Tank’s is located in Richmond, Texas and offers 20 acres of playing facilities and staging area. Similar to TXR, Tank’s offers birthday party and bachelor parties for newer players that want to give it a try. Some of the playing maps at Tank’s include an awesome dirt mounds field you can crawl around or run over the top of each mound. The game play on this field is a blast and should be experienced for sure! Tank’s also offers wooded fields cleared with trails and bunkers to hide behind, this field is fun to play and sneak around in. Tank’s doesn’t have a tournament style field at the time of writing this so if you are a tournament player unfortunately this place might not be for you and that style.



Paintball Zone South in League City, TX

Paintball Zone is one of the oldest and most well known paintball fields in Houston. These fields are actually in Humble and South Houston. Both facilities offer fun wooded fields while the South location is best known for its turfed tournament field where local events are held. Like most legitimate paintball parks, both Zone locations offer birthday party packages and offer private play for small groups.


The Paintball Zone North location was once a different paintball field but the land itself has been used for a paintball field for over 20 years! If you are looking for a wide variety maps and styles of games, be sure to check out Paintball Zone!


Splat Zone Paintball Indoor in Houston, TX

Splat Zone Indoor Paintball field is the leading indoor paintball, paintball lite and gelly ball facility in Houston. With over 20 years of paintball knowledge and experience, Splat Zone delivers one of the best paintball facilities Houston has ever seen! 


Texas Legends in The Woodlands, TX

Legends Paintball is the new kid on the block when it comes to this list. This facility is in North Houston off of 45 headed towards Conroe. Legends offers different playing styles for all types of players and is best known for having two turfed tournament fields for the local teams to scrimmage on. Legends also offers birthday party packages and of course hasn’t open play for regular players to show up and mix in with other players. The legends facility is not 30 a reason like some of the other facilities but the maps are close together and a lot of fun to play. If you are a tournament player and looking to do drills during the week, be sure to reach out to Legends Paintball as they have been known to open during the week!



Urban Warzone in Houston, TX

Urban Warzone Paintball is a very unique playing facility in Houston. This paintball Park is in the heart of downtown near the UH campus which offers an incredible advantage over other paintball parks in Houston. This place is very convenient to get to with an incredible track record of having amazing customer service. One draw back to being near downtown is the size of property this park is held on but that does not keep them from offering a great experience to their players. Urban Warzone is also one of the only facilities to offer night play!

If you are looking for a well ran paintball facility, a great experience with a convenient location be sure to check out Urban Warzone Paintball


HTown Paintball in Houston, TX

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H-Town Paintball is the ONLY park in the nation where all maps have special glow-in-the-dark effects, featuring Call of Duty's Nuketown and Shipment maps.

Glory Paintball in League City, TX

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Survival Games of Texas in Houston, TX

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Gotcha Paintball in Humble, TX

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Thank you to all of the fields and paintball parks listed for making Houston so great of a place to play! If you are looking for paintball in Houston check it out here. Houston has a ton of options for paintball stores and fields to check out. 


If our staff can help answer any of your questions email, call or stop by anytime!