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Mask Bags

  • Exalt Mask Bag Microfiber - Pizza

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    This is a simple product that will save your hundreds over time! This Exalt mask bag is a rugged and effective way to store keep your goggle and le...

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Learn All About Mask Bags

Your mask is your most important piece of gear, more important than even your paintball marker. You want to keep your mask safe when not in use and the perfect way to do that is a Mask Bag. Masks Bags make transporting your mask from home to the field a breeze. Exalt and HK Army are two of the leading manufacturers of mask bags in paintball today.

Exalt Mask Bags

Exalt's Mask Bag is large and feels soft to the touch, you will really enjoy holding this Mask Bag. One of the nice features of the Exalt Mask Bag is that the bag is fully sublimated with designs like Pizza, Cash Money, Hex Camo, and Cosmic. Each of these designs are pleasing to the eye and are full of vibrant color, you could almost swear that it was real pizza. The outside of the bag is made of green colored microfiber material that is gentle on your mask and can be used to wipe away any paint or dirt you might get on your lens and leave it clean. The inside of the mask bag is made of high grade terry cloth that cradles your mask when it is not in use. These bags are large at 15' x 15' these bags can hold any mask or goggles on the market with the visor installed no problem.

HK Army Mask Bags

HK Army's mask bag is perfect for goggles like the Hk Army KLR. This good looking bag is sublimated for a fantastic appearance. The bag uses a drawstring and locking clip to keep your goggles from falling out, standard on most mask bags. This bag has enough room for one pair of goggles and your microfiber towel you use to clean your goggles.

Mask Bags vs Goggle Cases

One of the biggest reasons you would choose a mask bag over a goggle case is because of the price. These mask bags are a budget friendly option to transport your mask safely. While hard goggle cases like the Exalt Goggle Case V3 with its rigid front side provide supreme protection for you goggle that level of protection is really only needed for travel conditions. Going from your home to your local field the Mask Bag does the job superbly. In addition to carrying your mask these bags can be used to clean your mask as well. In addition the mask bag is much larger than a goggle case so that you can put any mask in there you want and you do not have to remove the visor to get it to fit. Unlike the goggle case the mask bag is machine washable making cleaning the bag a much easier thing to do than the goggle case.

Mask Bags are a great and budget friendly way to haul around your mask. Not as protective as a goggle case the mask bag still does a great job and looks great as well. The soft material keeps your lens scratch free and protects the rest of your mask from damage as well in addition to being able to be used to actually clean your goggle and lens itself. If you are on the fence about what to protect you goggle system will definitely give a mask bag a shot!