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Vforce Paintball Masks

The Vforce brand has been around for over 20 years and is responsible for one of the most popular paintball masks ever released. If you are shopping for a new paintball mask the Vforce brand is definitely one you don't want to ignore. Below we break down the most popular models of the Vforce paintball brand. If you like the look of the Vforce masks be sure to check out the Virtue paintball masks as they have a similar look, feel and design as the Vforce masks do.


Vforce Grill Mask

The Grill mask or Grillz mask as some call it is a sleek, light weight Vforce paintball mask. It was one of the first of it's kind for sleekness and being lightweight. The Grill offers replacement foam which was a first of it's kind when it released over 10 years ago. Over the years the Grill has been released in over one hundred different prints giving the players the chance to find the exact style they are looking for. If you have a smaller head or looking for a mask that fits very close to the face and is slim, the Grill is our mask of choice from the Vforce lineup.


Vforce Profiler

The Profiler mask has a special place in our hearts at Pro Edge. A few of us were at the event in 2003 when the Profiler was first released. The Profiler paintball mask offers a very wide viewing design and came before the Grill model. This one offers full face and ear protection but does not offer the removeable foam accessory that the newer masks offer. This is a great paintball mask for adults looking for an option under one hundred dollars.


Vforce HDR Lens

The Lens systems in all of the Vforce paintball masks are amazing. With a couple of squeezes from your fingers you are able to replace any of the lenses in a Vforce mask making the masks some of the easiest systems to replace your lens quickly.
The Vforce HDR lenses were also some of the first to bring extremely vibrant color options to the paintball market. These lenses can range anywhere from thirty dollars to seventy five dollars for some of the most advanced color changing lenses that were once released.