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V Force Profiler Paintball Mask

Learn about the Vforce Profiler

The Profiler paintball mask is one of the oldest masks still made today. The release of this mask was somewhere around 2003 making it older than most paintball players out there! The Profiler offers a sleek, light weight, top of the line design loved by thousands of players around the world. Take a minute to learn about the features of the Vforce Profiler below. If you are looking for a comfortable, light weight mask for an incredible price the Vforce Profiler is definitely on our highly recommended list. If you like the design and look you can also consider the close relative of the Profiler, the Vforce Grill goggle system. The Grill is a more up to date design with a more sleek look and feel. If you have any specific questions about buying a new paintball mask don't forget our staff are here to help any way we can!


Wide Field Of View

With one glance of the Profiler you will notice the lens system isn't like all of the other paintball masks. The Profiler lenses were one of the first to offer an incredibly wide field of view similar to a fighter pilots mask and field of view. The Profiler lens system clips into place by design of the strap and lens clicking together to securely hold everything together. This design allows you to switch lenses quickly and in less than a minute which is an awesome feature in the case you need to switch it up between games or at a tournament.


Extremely Breathable

One of the biggest complaints some players have about paintball masks are how hard they can be to breathe in. The Vforce Profiler mask has large ventilation in the front mouth area allowing the player to breath easier while running around and getting that heart rate up. One downside to larger ventilation however is the ability for a larger amount of paint to make it into your mouth if you get shot in the face area. This isn't any fun but hey, don't get shot and you don't have to worry about it!


Light Weight

The simple design of the Vforce Profiler allows it to also be one of the lightest masks on the market. The Profiler design is a very minimalist design without and extras you don't need in a mask. The body of the mask is one piece of molded rubber making it simple and only needing to add a strap and a lens to complete the system. There is also a visor that comes with most of the Profilers just in case you want to use it to keep rain or the sun off your lens while playing.


Comfortable Foam

The foam on the Profiler isn't up to date with its competitors but it is very comfortable and soft. The Profiler does not have removeable foam like the newest designed Vforce Grill so if the foam is damaged it is fairly difficult to replace it.