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Paintball Accessories In Stock!

Rubber Barrel Socks

Barrel socks are required by nearly all paintball fields in order to safely play paintball around others and in large groups. With the creation of rubber barrel socks, you now have the choice to have a durable, heavy duty barrel cover with an awesome design on it. Exalt and HK Army both offer a huge selection of cool barrel sock prints. The best part about the rubber barrel sock is that the elastic band is replaceable so as long as you don't lose the barrel sock itself, it can be repaired if it gets worn out. Other cloth barrel socks once they are torn or wear out get extremely nasty and aren't able to be repaired or used any longer requiring you to buy a new one. For the price of one nice rubber barrel cover, you can get one that will last you 5 times longer than a standard barrel sock and look way cooler.


Chronographs work similar to a radar gun and tell the player the velocity at which your paintball gun is firing paintballs through the air. If you are considering playing in your back yard or on your own property, we highly recommend to have your markers tested prior to playing or have the group of players go in together and purchase a paintball chronograph. The recommended speed is 300 feet per second or lower, this is roughly 200 miles per hour. Shooting over this recommended speed could seriously injure fellow players if shot too close up or could even break your paintball masks. If you aren't sure what your paintball gun is shooting at, please stop by and let us test your guns velocity for free before you head out to play.

O Ring Kits

We carry thousands of o rings in stock at all times. If you are having a leak in your paintball gun and aren't sure what the issue is, consider purchasing a rebuild o ring kit for your paintball gun. If the gun has been sitting for a long time most likely the rubber o rings inside have dried out and cracking, requiring them to be replaced. We offer the service to rebuild your paintball gun or if you are the type of person who would rather learn how to repair it yourself we will sell you the o rings required. If you have questions or need advice on which steps to take on a paintball gun you are trying to repair, stop by or give us a call as we are here to help however we can.

Hard Cases

Protect your expensive paintball equipment with hard cases meant for each piece of gear. Paintball lenses are quite expensive so protecting your brand new lens inside your mask is a must. Don't let your compressed air tank roll out of the car and get damaged, check out the hard cases for your air tanks as they are well worth the investment. Paintball cases are very popular and are made for nearly every piece of gear you can think of. We carry a large selection of gun cases, loader cases, tank cases and goggle cases in stock at all times.

Remote Hose

The creation of the paintball remote hose has had a very positive impact on the players experience. Now a smaller player doesn't have to struggle to carry the weight of a heavy air tank on the back of their paintball gun. The remote hose gives you the ability to run an air line from your marker to your paintball harness that carries the weight on your back where it isn't as noticeable and easier to handle. We carry a full line if paintball remote hoses available in straight line and coiled along with the push to connect, slide check and the standard quick disconnect design. All of these remote designs have their benefits and drawbacks. Give us a call or stop by if you would like help finding the best remote hose for your playing style and budget.

Paintball Tools

Tools designed specifically for paintball guns and gear can save you headache and frustration. We carry o ring picks and Allen wrenches for all types of paintball guns. If you are looking for paintball tools for your marker stop by or give us a call.


Barrel squeegees are perfectly made to clean the inside of your barrel and paintball gun. Some are made to use while on the field and some are designed to be used off the field after a hard day of playing. If you are looking for an easy way to maintenance your paintball gun and barrel, look into the Exalt squeegees as they are the most popular cleaning device available!

Paintball Caddy

The Paintball Caddy is the best invention for paintball to help save you money and help store unused paintballs. Each caddy or ball hauler holds around 1000 paintballs and are designed to assist in refilling your hopper or paintball pods. Now you have a hard shelled container to store help over paintballs and if you knock it over they don't go all in your car or garage. Choose your favorite color Paintball Caddy and we recommend going with a color that allows you to see how many paintballs are left inside!

Gun Grease and Oil

Paintball grease and oil are required to use on paintball guns. DO NOT use real gun oil on your paintball gear and equipment as this can damage or destroy your gear. Not all paintball equipment uses the same grease or oil so give us a call or stop by to find out the recommended paintball lubrication for your specific paintball gear and guns.

Tactical Slings

Tired of carrying the weight of your tactical paintball gun on your shoulder while you walk from game to game? Look into a one point or two point tactical sling! A sling is a shoulder strap that clips onto your paintball gun and helps manage the weight of your gear while you aren't playing. These come in multiple colors, styles and lengths so if you need help finding the best sling for your gear setup, give us a call or stop by anytime!

Fill Stations

Playing paintball on your own property or don't have a local paintball store or sporting goods store near by? Paintball fill stations are a great option for refilling your paintball air tanks while not at a paintball field. Our staff is experienced and ready to help you get setup to refill your own paintball air tanks off site so give us a call or stop by anytime.