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Pre Order Policy

Pre-Order Policy

What is a pre-order?

When you place a pre-order you are reserving your spot in line for a newly released item that is expected to arrive soon. These items are not currently in stock or available. At the top of the product pages we will have the estimated time of arrival for that product. 

Why should I pre-order instead of just waiting for the item to come in stock?

Typically most paintball manufacturers have limited quantities available when they begin to release a new product and additional restocks tend to take some time. Demand almost always exceeds the supply so by pre-ordering you are reserving your spot in line to get the newest product as quickly as possible. We fulfill all of our pre-orders first before we sell any unspoken for items in store or online. If you want to get a new item as quickly as possible you’ll want to pre-order. 

How accurate are pre-order arrival dates?

In most cases pre-order dates are very accurate but it is possible items may take longer to arrive than expected. We work closely with the manufacturers to provide the most up to date information as possible but due to unforeseen circumstances such as manufacturing issues, shipping delays and major world events we can never fully guarantee the projected arrival date. 

How do you begin fulfilling pre-orders?

Ideally pre-orders are filled exactly in the order that they were received. Certain products with different variations such as color or size may arrive at different times based on the manufacturers production schedule. The order in which a manufacture releases different variants are beyond our control. We will always try to fulfill orders based on the date received. 

Can I change my pre-order for a different color, size, model, etc?

You are permitted to change your order if needed but you will lose your current spot in line. The updated order will be viewed as a brand new order and your spot in line will be based on the date you changed your order.  

Can I cancel my pre-order?

You can cancel your pre-order but you will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee based on the price of the product(s) you pre-ordered. Any pre-paid shipping fees will be refunded in full. 

Modification & Interpretation

Pro Edge Paintball reserves the right to modify or change these policies at any time if deemed necessary. We will also be solely responsible for the interpretation of any and all policies.