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Hydro Testing Houston

$45 - Hydro Testing

If your carbon fiber paintball tank is older than five years old, the DOT requires your tank to be hydro statically tested to test the integrity of your air system. Carbon Fiber bottles that are older than 20 years can not be hydro testing any more in most cases. This price does not include removing your regulator or rebuilding the regulator if it leaks.

7-10 Day Turn Around

Hydro testing is sent out and takes 7-10 business days to complete. Once it has been completed, we will notify you through phone or text.

Regulator removal and Rebuild.

$5.00 to Remove and Reinstall the Regulator

$15.00 to Rebuild the Regulator

Paintball Hydrotest

Have questions about having your paintball tank hydro tested? Give us a call or chat with us online before you decide!

If you own a metal paintball tank, most likely it is best to purchase a new tank in place of having it tested. Metal tanks usually cost about the same price the hydro testing would cost.

If you currently own a CO2 tank and have been told the air tank is out of it's hydro date, it is unlikely that the best move is to pay for this cylinder to be hydro static tested. The reason behind this is because most of your paintball CO2 tanks or air systems will cost you about twenty to thirty dollars to purchase new. These prices are less than the cost it would be to have your air tank completely re tested. Unless you have a larger Kegerator CO2 tank that costs more to buy new than it does to have it retested, the smarter financial decision is to buy a new CO2 tank. Don't forget we also offerKegerator refills in Houston. This same thought process does not apply to the paintball compressed air or paintball high pressure air systems. Most of these nicer paintball tanks will cost well over one hundred dollars to buy new which is double the price to have your paintball tank re certified.

The importance of hydro static testing is to insure your safety while using a high pressure air system. The air systems we use for paintball and for other purposes operate on pressures of 800 to 4500 psi. Those are incredibly high pressures and if not maintained correctly can cause harm. The goal of keeping your air systems tested regularly is to make sure that when refilling, using and storing your air tanks that everything is functioning correctly and is holding the air safely. If your air tank is physically damaged visually, please take the time to get it checked out

We start by removing the valve or regulator on the tank if needed and setting off to the side. We then package up your tank and send it to our partner hydro testing company. They then perform a series of visual inspections inside and outside of the tank. They then put the tank into the hydro-test machine and measure the elastic expansion of the tank. They compare the elastic expansion to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. If the tank has enough elasticity it passes. If the tank loses elasticity, instead of expanding when filled it can burst. The tank is then dried and labeled with the new date. Lastly the valve or regulator is reinstalled back on with tank and shipped back to our store. Once we inspect the complete of your hydro test, we contact you to pick up your completed tank.

Hydro Testing - $45.00

Regulator Removal - $5.00

Regulator Rebuild - $20.00