Hydro Testing Paintball Tanks - Mail in or Stop By Houston, TX

Price For Local Drop Off - $55.00

Price Includes-

Regulator Rebuild of Paintball Tank Regulator
Regulator Removal
Shipping to and from testing location
Paintball Tank Testing
Regulator Reinstall

Expected Completion 3 weeks.

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Why Is Hydro Testing Important?

The importance of hydro static testing is to insure your safety while using a high pressure air system. The air systems we use for paintball and for other purposes operate on pressures of 800 to 4500 psi. Those are incredibly high pressures and if not maintained correctly can cause harm. The goal of keeping your air systems tested regularly is to make sure that when refilling, using and storing your air tanks that everything is functioning correctly and is holding the air safely. If your air tank is physically damaged visually, please take the time to get it checked out.

Hydro Testing Houston

IF your tank does not PASS the hydro test, we will credit you back 50% of your hydro cost to apply to a NEW or USED tank we have in stock.

hydro testing Houston

Hydro Test Paintball Tanks

If your paintball tank is older than five years old, the DOT requires your tank to be hydro statically tested again to test the integrity of your air system. If you are currently using a compressed air tank that costs around the $50 price level, it might be a better choice to purchase a new paintball air tank. The reason for this is most entry level high pressure air tanks now cost about $50 for a whole new tank. If you purchase a new bottle instead of having your tank tested, everything will be brand new and your air tank will be good for a full 5 years.
When you have your paintball tank hydro tested there isn't a guarantee that it will pass the test. What happens if your air tank fails is you won't be able to use the air system any longer and will be out your $45 you spent to have it tested, this is why we recommend to purchase new if your air tank was around $50.

Carbon Fiber Hydro Test Guide

If you own a carbon fiber paintball tank that is coming up on being five years old or already is five years old we recommend to get your air tank hydro tested in place of buying a new air system. One feature Pro Edge offers if you have your air tank tested through is we will give you back fifty percent of your hydro cost to apply to a new air system purchased from Pro Edge Paintball.
If you have any questions about the status of your paintball air tank and if you need to have it re tested or not, please don't hesitate to reach out to Pro Edge and our staff will be more than happy to help guide you to make the best decision.

Completed Hydro Tested Tank

paintball hydro testing in Houston

What We Offer

When you have your air tank hydro testing with us, we will removal your paintball regulator off your paintball tank and reinstall after testing is complete. We also replace all o rings inside of your regulator to ensure they are working correctly before we complete your hydro service. The cost for your test includes the shipping to and from the hydro testing center that we send your air tank to. This guarantees your air system is tested by professionals . If for some reason you have issues with your regulator after you have had your air system in for service, bring it back to us immediately so we can warranty our work. Please don't pay anyone else or let the local paintball field work on your air system as we are trained to repair air systems and the staff at paintball fields might not be. If at any time you have questions regarding paintball regulator repair or hydro testing of paintball tanks be sure to give us a call or send us a message online! Thank you for visiting Pro Edge PB, we hope to see you soon. If you have any additional questions please give us a call at 713-896-8841.

Should I test my paintball tank?

If you currently own a CO2 tank and have been told the air tank is out of it's hydro date, it is unlikely that the best move is to pay for this cylinder to be hydro static tested. The reason behind this is because most of your paintball CO2 tanks or air systems will cost you about twenty to thirty dollars to purchase new. These prices are less than the cost it would be to have your air tank completely re tested. Unless you have a larger Kegerator CO2 tank that costs more to buy new than it does to have it retested, the smarter financial decision is to buy a new CO2 tank. Don't forget we also offer Kegerator refills in Houston. This same thought process does not apply to the paintball compressed air or paintball high pressure air systems. Most of these nicer paintball tanks will cost well over one hundred dollars to buy new which is double the price to have your paintball tank re certified.