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Mask and Goggle Camera Mounts

Learn about GoPro and Action Camera Paintball Mounts

Paintball camera mounts are perfect for catching the action in each game. The HK Army Go Pro mount is made to mount to your paintball goggles or they make a paintball barrel camera mount as well. If you have any questions about your camera mount give us a call or stop by!

Should I mount my camera to my mask or gun?

If you are asking yourself the same question many of us have let us clear up a few things. The barrel camera angle is by far the best but sometimes you are pointing your gun at the ground when the action takes place. 

Mounting your camera to your mask is so nice, wherever you look the camera looks. This is what we first thought would be the best place to mount your Go Pro... until we went out and played a few games to only realize once we got home that our loader was in the way of the camera the whole time. 

Unless you can guarantee you don't hold your paintball gun or loader in the way of the camera, we would recommend going with the barrel camera mount over the mask camera mount. 

How do I mount my camera to my paintball mask?

Over the years players have glues, cut and zip tied their paintball cameras to their masks. Well now with a simple idea and design, HK Army has a Go Pro mask mount that is secure, easy to install and comes in a variety of colors to match your style. The HK goggle mount is a must have if you like to record those action shots. This mount works even better for those mag fed style players that don't have a hopper in the way of the camera. This mask camera mount also is great for those players who only play with a pistol. 

Using 4 little screws and an allen wrench that is supplied in the package, the installation process takes about 10 minutes. Once you have installed the mask go pro mount you will be ready to go. One of the best features of this item is the low profile it has when you don't have a camera mounts to it. 


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