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Bring in your kegerator CO2 tank to get it refilled while you wait. Pro Edge provides Houston Co2 tanks to use for all kinds of things including kegerators, fish tanks and of course paintball guns. Most refills will take 5-10 minutes and can be completed while you wait. Please be sure to check the size and the "Date" on your bottle before driving to us. If you are unsure of that information, please call us and we can assist you over the phone before you make the drive.


1 LB $5.50
2 LB $11.00
3 LB $16.50
4 LB $22.00
5 LB $27.50


We need to be certain you are safe with the air cylinder once you leave. With the temperatures in the summer being very high here in Houston, the Co2 in your canister will want to expand increasing the pressure inside. Each co2 tank is designed with safety valves in order to prevent any major issues. One of our recommendations in order to prevent problems from occurring is to not let your air cylinder sit in the hot car after it has been filled. If at all possible drive home immediately and put the air tank in an air conditioned place. If this is not an option, be sure to crack the windows to keep the temperate inside your vehicle as low as possible during the hot summer days.



Even though paintball tanks and kegerators are two completely different animals, the similarities when it comes to the air are very close to the same. If you are having air issues with your kegerator having a leak or you just aren't sure, give us a call.

Here are a few tips

  • Shut off the whole system and drain the air.
  • Check all fittings that the air could pass through.
  • Each fitting needs to be snug but do not over tighten.
  • Prepare a spray bottle of soap and water.
  • Turn the air back onto your system
  • Spray each connection with Soap and Water
  • If any of the connections bubble, you found it!

In most cases, this will find the culprit to your problem. If not, call the manufacturer of the system and see if you are just over looking something or check the air cylinder itself! Try the same soap and water trick on your air cylinder to find any leaks. If we can help in any way possible with your Kegerator Co2 Tank leaks or refills, give Pro Edge Paintball a call, email us or message us online!