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The Best Paintball Regulator Powerhouse Regulators

The Powerhouse regulator is constantly evolving. The team at Powerhouse paintball are constantly taking the players feedback and making their design better and better. 
If you are new to researching paintball regulators here is a quick run down as to why the Powerhouse reg is the top of the line paintball regulator available!

Stainless Steel Construction-

The Powerhouse Reg includes an aluminum body with a  stainless steel cartridge. The cartridge is responsible for threading into and out of your paint all gun over and over. One some, lower end regulator designs the reg threads are constructed of aluminum which is not nearly as durable or as long lasting as the stainless steel cartridge Powerhouse uses. If you want to get real fancy, Powerhouse offers a titanium cartridge as well to lighten your regulator while keeping the strength and integrity the regulator is known for. 

Regulator Wave Spring-

The wave spring used in the Powerhouse reg is a well constructed, long lasting wave that has proven to be more constant through out its life span of use. Compared to other regulators that include small metal shims, the wave spring is much more difficult to lose or misplace when cleaning or servicing your regulator. 

Powerhouse Jet Air Flow Control-

In most paintball regulators the regulator seat on the piston will wear out over time and the full regulator piston must be replaced. In the worst situations the body of the regulator will get damaged from debris and wear and the entire regulator must be replaced. With Powerhouse the regulator includes what is a called a Jet and a removable regulator seat that seals against the Jet. These features allow both sides of the sealing process to be easily serviced or replaced without ever needing to replace the full regulator which saves the players money in the long run. 

Watch our YouTube breakdown video of the Powerhouse regulator


5 Star Customer Service

One feature that very few consider when purchasing a regulator is the support they will receive after making the  purchase. The Powerhouse team  not only love paintball but also attend multiple Nation Paintball Events across the country. This is nice for those players who don’t want to send their regulator in for servicing or testing as the Powerhouse guys will have a booth and fee free servicing in most situations. If you aren’t near an event no worries as their great customer service extends to mailing in or contacting them for support online. No matter if you want to hook your Powerhouse regulator up to the dyno to see how it’s  performing or just have the guys check it out and service it, be sure to stop by if you see them at an event . Carl and Jeff will be more than happy to help you out and talk paintball anytime!

Powerhouse Gen 3 Regulator -Haymkr 500

The all new Powerhouse Regulator Gen 3 has been redesigned taking into consideration the best performing features of the second generation Powerhouse Reg and redesigning the worst features.
The Powerhouse team has brought back the slim, low profile burst discs that give the Gen III Reg that slim and comfortable feel.
The Swivel capability of the threads has also been brought back which allows for perfect alignment into any and every paintball gun out there. No more fighting with the full nipple or gauge jabbing into your wrist while you try to play, now you can like the gauge port and fill nipple port exactly where you want them.
In the latest design, the regulator piston has been redone to give the user an overall better performance and more simple design.
The new Wave 500 Piston no longer includes a regulator seat inside of the piston. The new design features a Jet that works as the Regulator Piston and uses the housing of the Regulator body to hold the Jet in place.
This feature allows a more cost effective solution to replacing Regulator Seat. Instead of replacing the entire Regulator Piston in the case where the regulator is not seating correctly, the Jet can now be removed and replaced for a fraction of the cost in older Regulator designs.
In the new Haymkr 500 Gen III Regulator the output pressure from the factory is 500 psi. This pressure has been tried and tested and will work on nearly all paintball guns that take a battery. If you are in search of a lower pressure than 500 psi be sure to reach out to us here at ProEdge Paintball. We work very closely with the Powerhouse Paintball team and will see what is available to you!
With the new design comes back the Adjustable Stainless Steel insert which allows fine tuning of your Regs output pressure.
Shop the other paintball regulators here and compare them all side by side. 

Powerhouse Gen 2 Regulator

The Gen 2 Powerhouse Regulator is the most advanced and premium tank regulator on the market today. Gen II offers a completely re-imagined design replacing the old cartridge, adjustment nut, and activation pin while utilizing NEW wave spring technology for improved performance over the first generation of regulators. With the superior performance it offers, it’s no wonder why so many top teams choose PowerHouse!
New pressure Adjustment Nut allows adjustment from 450 psi to 850 psi with a simple internal adjustment. This allows for a total of 200 psi adjustment for each piston. An industry first for a tank regulator!
Dedicated Direct to Tank fill port, eliminates piston ball damage and over pressurizing from rapid fill, fill stations.
-Variable output pressure via simple piston swap (both included with every regulator):
-Standard pressure (Blue Piston: 650 psi).
-Low pressure (Red Piston: 450 psi).
-Quick disassembly for easy servicing.
-100% USA-Made
-All PowerHouse regulators are hand assembled, and are pressure tested before and after completing a 24 hour pressure test.

Ninja Air Tank Regulators

A lot players want to know which tank regulator is better, the Ninja Pro V2 regulator or the Gen 3 Haymakr. This question comes down to one thing in our opinion, how much do you want to spend? We feel the higher priced regulator should give you a better experience and better performance and we feel the Powerhouse regulator offers this.

If you are just looking for a new regulator to replace your old one with then the Ninja regulators and the Ninja Pro V2 regulator will do exactly what you need it to for half the price. The difference you will experience will be the durability of the Ninja regulator and parts verse the parts of the Powerhouse regulator.