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Learn About Virtue Paintball Masks

Virtue known for making upgrade parts for paintball markers has thrown their hat into the ring for making masks. With their line of Vio goggles including Ascends, XS II, Extend II, Contour II, and their entry level goggle the Base, they have made a big splash into the goggle market. These masks offer excellent protection and phenomenal visibility. These goggles at various tiers in the market offer fantastic coverage, visibility and comfort.

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Virtue Base

The Base Goggle is Virtue's entry level goggle and it does impress. The Base features single piece construction so no parts with connections to come off of the goggle. The goggle has a built in visor blocking the sun and looking cool. The mask is well ventilated so you do not get stuffy and hot while playing. Coming with a thermal lens so you do not fog up on the field for an excellent price this is a goggle system you should check out for your first goggle.


Virtue Vio Ascends

The Ascends is Virtue's mid-tier mask and it really shines in this level. Featuring single piece construction the goggle is durable and covers your face well. Using the same lens as Virtue's high end goggle the Contour II you know you are getting a great lens at a reasonable price. The foam on this mask is comfortable and soft but still provides a secure fit on your face that will not slip. The best thing about the foam on the Vio Ascends is that it is replaceable. Coming as one piece for top and bottom foam the foam sits on a tray that can be removed and replaced as needed.


Virtue Vio Contour II

The Contour II goggle from Virtue is their flagship goggle. This goggle has soft replaceable leather ear pieces that are quickly changed and have excellent porting for hearing your friends and teammates on the field. The strap is wide providing a good sturdy grip keeping the goggles in place. On top of the wider strap the Contour II includes a molded foam pad on the strap that makes it easier to adjust but most important protects the back of your head. The foam of the Contour II is replaceable and soft, the foam kit is on a tray that pops in or out easily. The lenses for the Contour II have some of the best anti-fog protection in paintball. The face plate is solid and well ventilated, providing excellent protection and prevents you from getting stuffy and hot in while using the mask.  With all the pieces that can be replaced this is really the last mask you will have to buy.


Virtue Vio XS II

The Virtue Vio XS II is a variation of the Contour II coming with many of the same features that the Contour II comes with. The biggest difference between the two goggles and what sets the XS II apart is the face plate. This face place is specially designed to be the slimmest profile in paintball. The face plate is also made of flexible material meant to help deflect paintballs away from your face. This mask is one of the smallest in paint while still providing excellent protection. This slim and short goggle is excellent for those of us with smaller faces or someone looking for a smaller mask.


Virtue Vio Extend II

Another variant of the Contour II is the Virtue Vio Extend II. This mask's face plate is soft and flexible providing excellent protection and help to make paintballs bounce instead of break on your mask. This Extend II is one of the largest covering masks on the paintball market, extending well beyond most people's chins and jawlines. This mask is perfect if you are looking for the absolute maximum amount of protection.

Virtue and their complete line of goggles cover every kind of paintball player from beginners to professionals. These goggles offer outstanding protection, visibility, and comfort regardless of tier level. Definitely check one out!