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Colored Smoke Bombs - Available In Store Only


Learn About Colored Smoke Bombs

Colored Smoke bombs have "Blown Up" over the last few years in popularity. Most of the people who shop for the smoke bombs don't play paintball believe it or not but stop by instead of photo shoots, music videos and gender reveals. If you are doing research on which smoke bombs to purchase, take a minute to read below as we break down each model and explain the uses we have found to fit each model the best. See our available colors here

Wire Pull

The most asked questions we receive is, "How do you light the smoke grenades?" The Enola Gaye colored smoke bombs do not need to lit as they use a wire that is pulled to ignite the unit. With a little tug the wire pulls out of the unit and started the igniter, within seconds the smoke begins to come out of the unit.

Single Sided

The Single sides smoke bombs are called the Wp40. These are great for laying them down or attaching them to something as the smoke only escapes from one side. You are able to hold them in your hands as well if you want to run or dance with the smoke bomb.

Double Sided

The double sided colored smoke grenades put out the most smoke in a short period of time. When using these we recommend to plan out your shots or have multiple smokes bombs available so you can start and stop between smoke bombs. If you are going to lay these units down on their side be certain the surface you are laying them on is not important and will not melt or burn as the unit will heat up a good amount where the smoke is making contact.

Smoke Photo Shoots

For photo shoots the most popular colored grenade photographers will use are the Enola Gaye Burst smoke bomb. This is the double sided version that we prefer for photo shoots. The double sided feature allows more smoke to come out in a shorter time which gives a larger cloud that works amazing for photoshoots.

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

When it comes to gender reveals the single sided units seem to be the best option. The single sided WP40 smoke bombs allow you to easily hold or mount the smoke bomb so you can get creative on the reveal. See our Gender reveal smoke bomb page for more information. 

Smoke for Music Videos

When using smoke bombs for music videos we like to recommend the longer lasting versions. The EG18 or the WP40 colored smoke grenades will last one to two minutes compared to the burst bombs only lasting less than a minute.
For a music video the longer the smoke lasts the better as you have more time to take a variety of recordings. If you have any questions about which smoke bombs to order or purchase be sure to give us a call or stop by anytime. Our staff has experienced a lot of different uses and odd questions when it comes to which colored smoke bomb we recommend.