Dye paintball hoppers were one of the original high performance, tool-less assembly hoppers available. The Dye rotor paved the way for the other paintball companies to create incredibly durable and reliable hoppers. 

Dye paintball hoppers are one of the oldest names in the game when it comes to high end paintball loaders. The Dye hopper holds its own again is main rival who makes the Virtue Spire loaders. The Dye Rotor was on of the first incredibly durable and fastest feeding paintball loaders to be created. With the latest Dye R2 loader being an upgraded version of the Dye Rotor, Dye hoppers are still one of the most durable and most popular paintball loaders on the market. If you are in the market for a new or upgraded paintball hopper, stop by or call Pro Edge Paintball so we can talk you through and show you the Dye hoppers we have in stock. We will help you find the best paintball loader for your budget and your playing needs

While shopping for a new hopper, be sure to consider the Virtue brand of loaders. One of our favorites to consider is the Virtue Spire IR loader which is very comparable to the Dye LTR loader around that $100 mark.