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Learn About Dye Hoppers

Dye paintball hoppers were one of the original high performance, tool-less assembly hoppers available. The Dye rotor paved the way for the other paintball companies to create incredibly durable and reliable hoppers. 

Dye paintball hoppers are one of the oldest names in the game when it comes to high end paintball loaders. The Dye hopper holds its own again is main rival who makes the Virtue Spire loaders. The Dye Rotor was on of the first incredibly durable and fastest feeding paintball loaders to be created. With the latest Dye R2 loader being an upgraded version of the Dye Rotor, Dye hoppers are still one of the most durable and most popular paintball loaders on the market. If you are in the market for a new or upgraded paintball hopper, stop by or call Pro Edge Paintball so we can talk you through and show you the Dye hoppers we have in stock. We will help you find the best paintball loader for your budget and your playing needs

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While shopping for a new hopper, be sure to consider the Virtue brand of loaders. One of our favorites to consider is the Virtue Spire IR loader which is very comparable to the Dye LTR loader around that $100 mark. 

Dye Paintball is a brand that has released some of the best gear in paintball. They make something for every facet of paintball from guns to paintballs to hoppers. Today we are going to go over the various hoppers released by Dye Paintball. Dye has released a hopper with every level of play from just starting out to some of the fastest loaders on the market today. Dye's Primo loader is a new take on the traditional 200 round hopper great for entry level players. For those of you who want something electronic but do not want to break the bank check out the Dye LTR Loader. If you are a player that wants the best then the Dye R2 might be the loader for you.

Dye Primo Loader

The Primo loader is quite a step up from the gravity fed hopper. Dye looked at the gravity fed hopper and asked how do we make this better, and their answer was the Primo Loader. This special loader is capable of holding up to 200 paintballs, is sleek and narrow and incredibly lightweight.  The secret of this loader is the spacer inside of it. What the spacer helps to do is get all the paintballs inside to flow in the same direction as it feeds. This means for the player that no longer do you have balls pushing against each other jamming up or slowing down the balls falling into the gun. This hopper does not require any batteries and is able to feed significantly faster than other gravity fed loaders.


Dye LTR Loader

This budget friendly loader delivers the fastest feed rate in paintball. The LTR comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, red, green, and Dye Cam their camo pattern. The LTR is the predecessor of the famous Dye Rotor hopper. This force feed loader is capable of feeding 30 plus balls a second. The loader is completely tool-less only needing your fingers to take the whole thing apart. The LTR is easy to clean too, the hopper splits apart in the middle, dividing the top shell from the bottom shell along with a feed tray in between the two shells. Removal of the feed tray with its integrated spring ramp is easy and once removed exposes the internals of the hopper allowing you easy access to the batteries and paddles of the hopper for cleaning. This durable hopper will perform for you in all conditions and types of paintball play.

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Dye R2 Hopper

The R2 from Dye is their most innovative hopper yet. Featuring the same force feed technology we have come to expect from a hopper carrying to Rotor name this loader is jam packed with features. The feed port is larger than on the original Rotor ensuring that loading a pod into the R2 is quick and easy. The new shell design boasts paintballs first adjustable capacity hopper. The new shell design allows a player to switch from 200 paintball capacity to 260 capacity on the fly without tools. The lid on the R2 has a quick release button making it able to switch from rain lid to speed feed in seconds without the use of tools. The new design on the motor and the board allow the R2 to still be the fastest feeding loader in paintball while being soft on paint. The loader even comes with a Reload Alert system that notifies you as your hopper gets lower on paintballs.  The R2 has every feature someone could want in a hopper.

Dye Paintball has a loader for every style or level of play that meets and exceeds expectations. If you are looking for the absolute best in any category of loaders then Dye is your choice.  Their durable design and ease of use combined with their unparalleled performance make these loaders sit at the top of their respected tiers.  Definitely check one out today!