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Field One Paintball Guns

  • Field One Force Body Cut V2 - PRE ORDER

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    THIS MARKER IS ON PRE ORDER   FIELD ONE FORCE V2 FEATURES Field One Paintball is proud to offer the V2 Force- A new body cut that is lighter and ...

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About Field One Paintball

Field One is an old company coming out with a new name, it was previously Bob Long or BLAST but is under new management and renaming themselves Field One. Bob Long is one of the most legendary names in paintball having made markers for over twenty years. He also had a successful professional player career with Bob Long’s Ironmen.

His company has consistently produced top performing paintball guns in the industry. Some of these beloved guns are the Intimidator, G6r, Insight, Vcom, and Victory. The Intimidator made a giant splash in the early 2000’s being one of the fastest shooting guns on the market at the time.

Bob Long guns have stridden to be some of the most efficient markers in paintball. This stride for excellence is still part of the new company’s core values. Now being ran by founding members of one of the winningest paintball teams in history San Diego Dynasty. With the likes of Eric Crandall, Yosh Rau, Alex Fraige, and Ryan Greenspan running the show you know the new owners expect nothing less than perfection from their work.

Eric Crandall is the new president of the Field One Paintball and has a proven track record in paintball. Eric was the owner/operator of Mare Island Paintball, a field home to many iconic teams like the Ironmen, Kapp Factory, and San Diego Dynasty. Eric has been the manager of San Diego Dynasty from the beginning and has been a part of the team’s winning tradition something he plans to bring to Field One Paintball.

Yosh Rau has been player for a long time but not many know that one of his first jobs was as a technician working on paintball guns for the company that would become Kapp. His  many years of experience as a tech means Yosh is a great pick to be a part of Field One. Alex Fraige has been around paintball for years and his experience with Great American Paint making tournament grade paintballs gives him the insight needed to help Field One be a top company in the paintball industry.

Ryan Greenspan, one of the most famous players in the world is using his knowledge and skills to run Field One Paintball’s social media presence. The company’s new flagship marker, the Field One Force, is an improvement upon the beloved Bob Long guns. Being inspired from such guns as the Insight and Vcom. You can see Dynasty and Ryan wearing their HK Army KLR masks
in addition to shooting their Force guns at National event.

Field One Force Paintball Gun

This new flagship marker, The Force, out of Field One is the next step in a long line of amazing paintball guns. The Force was rigorously tested in the Pro bracket of the NXL by San Diego Dynasty. They put the Force through its paces competing against the toughest teams in the world.

Dynasty were determined to make a gun that had the three things they believe a paintball gun needs to compete at the highest levels of the game: air efficient, super soft on paint, and reliable. The first benchmark is air efficiency, the Force gets over 1400 shots from an Ninja 68ci 4500psi air tank. The second metric is that the gun needs to be super soft on paint, by running at super low pressures and controlling bolt speed the Force is able to shoot the most brittle of paint.

Lastly, reliability the Force needed to handle the grueling conditions and wear and tear of tournament paintball and who better to test that than Pro team San Diego Dynasty the gun was designed with this in mind and its new features make this gun incredibly reliable.

The Field One Force comes in a variety of colors from black to gloss purple making the Scales milling the Force comes with really stand out. There is even a few Dynasty player Signature Series featuring limited edition colorways done by Arc Anodizing make the Force stand out in the crowd. This new flagship marker for the company really competes.

Vcom Paintball Gun

The Vcom is an extremely interesting paintball gun that was released by Bob Long Technologies and is being continued with Field One Paintball. One of the more notable features with the Vcom was that it had two compatible engines, an Insight style spool valve and the ViS poppet engine. Giving players the option of completely changing their marker from spool valve to poppet.

This is an amazing feature essentially giving the player two guns in one. The HK Trex and Ripper Vcoms are the latest iterations of this proven platform, bringing a new style of the trusted Bob Long platform. These milling patterns are sure to please even the choosiest of paintball players.

Bob Long G6r

The G6r is the most recent version of the famous Intimidator line. This model was released in 2012 and has been in production ever since. This is one of the most popular guns from Bob Long/Field One because of how much love for the Intimidator. The G6r is a hoseless, efficient, poppet style paintball gun.

The Tactical G6r is the ultimate high end for woodsballs featuring all the great features from the regular G6r but introducing a picatinny rail on top of the gun allowing the player to throw sights or other picatinny style mounts on their gun.

Field One Acculock Barrel Kit

The Acculock Barrel is a new product to Field One. This is one of the best paintball barrels in our opinion and it comes standard with their flagship marker the Force. It features six bore sizes from 0.697 to 0.695 and comes in 14-inch barrel length.

Field One set out to make this barrel kit stand out and be unique compared to the other barrel systems on the market, this was achieved with the features that the barrel kit includes.

One notable difference of the Acculock barrel system is that the insert is the piece of the barrel that threads into the paintball gun. The insert is beveled to allow the paintball to flow into the barrel without hitting sharp edges.

The insert is also extremely durable because it is heartier than a standard aluminium insert. Then the barrel uses the tip and back to lock the insert in place inside the barrel eliminating the insert wobble in the barrel which helps prevents barrel breaks.