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Pod Pack & Harness

Learn About Paintball Pod Packs and Paintball Harness

Paintball pod packs are one of the top five items that most avid paintball players will need on the paintball field. There are so many paintball packs to choose from but no matter if you are looking for an entry level paintball harness or a strapless paintball pack, Pro Edge Paintball carries all of the top brands in stock. Before you buy your new paintball pack, stop by and try on our pod packs and paintball harnesses if you are in Houston.

Most beginner players will start out with the entry level pod pack, this means the pod pack will hold 2-3 paintball pods. The mid level to advanced players will wear a 4+7 harness or a strapless paintball harness. These packs will hold more paintball pods and includes a heavy duty, firm fitting elastic belt system. If you have any questions before purchasing your next paintball harness, give us a call! 713-896-8841!

Paintball Pod Packs and Harnesses Typical paintball loaders carry around 200 paintballs in them. Which is a lot of paintballs but when a game goes long and you start to run low on paintballs what do you do? Grab a pod of paintballs from your pack or harness of course!  Pod Packs and Harnesses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most packs work the same so the biggest difference between them will be how they fit on you and if you like it or not. The pod holders all work the same, whereas the pods are held in place with a strap that covers where the pod slides in and uses Velcro to hold the strap secure to the pack. One of the biggest questions is how many pods you want to be able to carry at one time, as pod packs and harnesses can hold between two and thirteen pods depending on which one you choose.

Tippmann Pod Packs and Harnesses These are great cost effective entry into carrying extra paintballs onto the field. They come in a couple of styles and vary in the amount of pods they carry so finding one that is perfect for you will be a snap. The two and three pod harnesses come on a belt with the pod pack on a loop that the belt runs through, the belt is simple and easy to use with a snap buckle to secure it around your waist with a cinch buckle to tighten or loosen as needed. The four pod pack holds four pods and is attached to a Velcro belt that uses 4 straps to snug the pod pack on yourself. All of the Tippmann packs come with the option to be able to carry your air tank for those of you who run remote lines.

HK Army Pod Packs and Harnesses HK Army's Pod Packs come in a variety of pack styles and there is sure to be one that you like. Their pod pack lines include the HSTL, Eject, MagTek, and Zero G 2.0. The HSTL packs come in 4+3 or 3+2 styles and are only the bare necessities for when it comes to pack, if you want something simple that just works the HSTL pack is for you. The Eject pack is a step up from the HSTL pack as it comes in the same configurations but now the belt is padded for more comfort. The MagTek pack uses straps like the previous models to hold the pods in but instead of using Velcro to hold the strap in place this one uses powerful magnets to hold the pod in its holder. The Zero G 2.0 from HK is strapless on the pod holders, the holders are snug and tight holding the pod in place through how snug the pod fits in.

Exalt Pod Packs The Pro-Ject comes in the 4+3 configuration allowing you to carry quite a few pods onto the field. The straps of the pod holders are made of a durable fabric that will hold up to abuse. The belt is a standard paintball pod pack belt using Velcro belts and straps to hold and pull the pod pack into you snugly and firmly. Exalt makes top notch gear and is definitely a pack you should check out.

Gen X Global Pod Harnesses Gen X Global makes a variety of vests that are able to carry pods. Their Reversible Tactical Vests comes with an attachment that is able to carry 2+1 pods while providing you with some chest protection. The Tactical Vest Paintball Harness comes able to carry up to six pods and has three paint grenade holders up in the front. All of that and provides chest protection, that vest is full of features. There are more pod packs and harness makers than listed in here and all of them work well. Dye, HK, Virtue, GI Sportz, Bunker Kings, Tippmann, and Exalt all make great pod packs with different features and fits. Definitely check them all out and find the one that fits you best!
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