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Paintball Jerseys

Learn about Paintball Jerseys

Find your favorite paintball jersey that matches your gear and playing style! We carry paintball jerseys from the leading paintball companies in many colors and sizes. Stop by and try on your jersey and paintball clothes in our fitting rooms before you purchase. If you are looking for a paintball long sleeve shirt or jersey that you don't see online, feel free to give us a call or stop by as we carry more in store than online. If you are looking for other padding options be sure to look at our paintball chest protectors as well. 

Paintball Jerseys are a great way to add some flare to your look at the paintball field and they can add a bit of protection as well.  Paintball jerseys come in many different styles and designs from a great many manufacturers. Jerseys have been around for quite a while and keep evolving in form and style. Paintball companies do try to accommodate everyone by making sure to include as many sizes as possible, from Youth size, all the way up to 3X Large there is a jersey for you.

Paintball Protection

One of the biggest reasons that players buy a jersey is to provide some protection against paintball hits.  Jerseys like the HK Army HSTL Jersey comes with chest, shoulder, and forearm padding to protect you from the hits. The long sleeves and durable materials even without padding is enough to take the edge off a hit.   Paintball jerseys are used to give protection while still having a nice material to keep from ripping or tearing.  One of the benefits of the padded jerseys is that the padding can help bounce a paintball off you instead of it breaking on you, keeping you in the game longer. Another option in place of a jersey would be a paintball chest protector. A chest protector goes under your jersey and allows more padding than a standard jersey would. 

Not all jerseys are padded for protection, however some jerseys are made of thin materials so that they are breathable and help keep you cool on those hot summer days at the paintball field.  While not being padded jerseys like these still offer some protection against paintballs by not letting them make bare skin contact.  Another helpful feature of all jerseys is that they do cover you up from the sun.

Another big reason for the jersey is looking cool or you can look like a team with your friends or teammates.  Competitive paintball is a team sport and that means team uniforms.  Looking like a team is a great way to inspire confidence in yourselves.  With a huge selection of styles and colors you can pick what you or team like best. Got a green Axe 2.0? No problem, there is a green jersey you can get to match.  Your team loves red?  We have you covered with HK HSTL Jerseys in Red! No matter your style or color preference we can get you geared up!   

Jersey Features and Durability

There are many different companies out there that have their own style and look. Most companies make sure to check off some criteria when making a jersey. The main one is making sure the jersey is made with a durable material, so it won’t rip when diving or sliding. Another one, is making sure the material is breathable or have lots of ventilation in the jersey. Usually having ventilation on the under arms, lower back, and inner forearm to help with the release of heat. The last is protection. there are lots of places on a jersey that you will find protection. Places like the forearm and chest are some of the most common places to have padding. Other places that can be padded include the shoulder and half glove with padding for your hand. 

Jerseys typically range from entry level to advanced.  Entry level jerseys usually being a mesh jersey made for breathability and lightweight, used more for having a set shirt for paintball and not ruining other clothes. Compared to more expensive jerseys having larger amounts of padding and customization, meant for protection and curability. Jerseys in the mid- range have a split of both padding and breathability.

Jersey Companies

Companies such as JT, Planet Eclipse, and HK Army make jerseys on all levels. With very basic designs and colors as well. From having your name and number on the back of your jersey. To have your own design on your jersey. Also, if you wanted to start a team contact them to even get a team jersey made for everyone on your team. although it will be more expensive it will be one of a kind. while still offering different levels of padding to fit your style.

Our staff have used many jerseys and jersey companies over the years. We are happy to help any way we can.