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Ninja Paintball Tanks

Learn Everything About Ninja Tanks!

Video - Learn which Compressed air Tank Size is best for you? 

Ninja air tanks are the leading air system and have been for years. The Ninja brand comes highly recommended by most in the sport due to the reliability, fair price and great look and design the Ninja name offers.

If you need any help or guidance before deciding on which Ninja air tank is best for you chat live online, message us through social media or stop by Pro Edge Paintball anytime and we will help you make the most informed decision you can. 

Compressed air is what most fields use nowadays to provide gas for paintball markers. Compressed air is preferred for most paintball guns because of the consistency it has as well as being less damaging on O-rings and electronics in paintball guns. Ninja makes some of the best and lightest weight compressed air bottles in paintball today in a variety of colors that are sure to please.

Ninja makes bottles in various sizes such as 13ci/3000psi, 48ci/3000psi, 50ci/4500psi, 68ci/4500psi, 77ci/4500psi, and 90ci/4500psi.
In addition to great bottles the Ninja Regulator for their compressed air bottles is one of the highest performing regulators on the market and the base model comes as standard equipment on all tanks.

Ninja 13ci/3000psi Tank

This bottle is small and lightweight, the perfect bottle for the Mag Fed Paintball player. The big reason this bottle is so popular among Mag Fed Paintball players is the size of the bottle is unobtrusive on the gun and is able to be cleverly hid inside of most aftermarket stocks for Mag Fed Paintball guns. This bottle fits perfectly into the Air Thru Stock Adapter for the TMC and fits just as well into the Power Stock from Planet Eclipse. This bottle holds just enough air to be able to fire between ten to eleven 20 round magazines on most Mag Fed Paintball guns which is quite a bit of magazines.

Ninja 48ci 3000 psi Tank

This is a great entry level tank that most players will have owned at some point. These tanks are an affordable way to get into the compressed air setup. These tanks work well and will perform for you time after time with no fuss. This size is perfect for most players providing the perfect place to shoulder a paintball gun like the Azodin Kaos 3 or Blitz 4. Flat on the bottom the bottle will not slide or move while you are placing it into your shoulder. In addition to its great performance on most paintball guns today this bottle when filled to 3000psi will get between 600 and 800 shots before it is empty.

Ninja 50ci/4500psi Tank

This bottle is extremely light weight, so lightweight in fact that you may even question if you are holding a working paintball compressed air tank. This size is what most would call a peanut, this is due to its short length making it an excellent choice for shorter players, young children where weight is a concern, and anyone who wants to be up close and tight on their paintball marker. Holding up to 4500psi this tank is able to provide air for 1000 shots on a marker like the Empire Mini GS.


Ninja 68ci/4500 Tank

This is the most commonly used size in paintball today, this is due to its increased length and air capacity. This bottle is favored because once attached to a gun it is the perfect length for most players to use a stock on their paintball gun, not being so far away from the marker that you feel overly stretched out but not so close that you feel like you are right on top of your gun. Ninja provides this bottle in two different styles, the 68ci Lite bottle and the 68ci Ninja SL2. The Lite bottle is lightweight and comes in five colorways, smoked, clear, red, blue, and green. The 68ci Ninja SL2 is the lightest weight 68ci bottle on the market bar none and comes in colors from Metallix White to black and everything in between. A bottle of this size on most modern paintball guns will get somewhere between 1200 to 1500 when filled to 4500psi. A great choice for any player.


Ninja 77ci/4500 Tank

This is one of the go to tanks for tournament players balancing length and air capacity, this bottle is capable of shooting almost a whole case of paintballs on many of today's high end paintball markers like the Luxe X or CS2 Pro. While only being a little bit longer than its 68ci counterpart it still feels good when on your paintball marker not being overly long so that you feel like you cannot wield your marker well. Coming in the Ninja SL2 option this bottle is extremely light weight and versatile for any player regardless of the style of paintball you play.


Ninja 90ci/4500 Tank

The 90ci/4500 Tank from Ninja is one of the biggest bottles produced in paintball today. This big tank is long but provides enough air that you will worry about running out of paintballs before you worry about running out of air during a game. This bottle is great for taller players who do not want to feel squished up on their marker when using one of the smaller bottles. Even though this is one of the largest bottles made it is still light weight and balances well on most paintball markers. This bottle is a favorite among players who like to use a remote line, since the tank is not on the gun you do not have to deal with its length, having it on your back moves it out of your way but still gives you an incredible amount of paintballs you are able to shoot between fills.


Ninja Regulators

The Ninja Regulator is one of the highest performing regulators on the market with its only competitor for the top spot being the Powerhouse Regulators. The Ninja regulator will consistently perform for you no matter the abuse you put it through, but should you have a problem with it clean up and repairs are a breeze. This regulator is also one of the few regulators that have an adjustable output pressure from the factory without the need of spare parts or specific tools. The Ninja regulator comes in a few options, Standard, the Pro V2, and the Pro V2 SLP. The Standard Ninja Regulator is what you will encounter on most Ninja bottles at the field or in the store, it works well and is easy to maintain.


The Pro V2 Regulator is the premiere regulator from Ninja, offering all the same great performance as the Standard Regulator but all offering the ability to adjust the back half of the bottle so that you are able to place the gauge and fill nipple where you want after the tank is screwed into your paintball marker. The Pro V2 SLP is the same as the Pro V2 Regulator with one major difference, the Pro V2 SLP is Super Low Pressure. Featuring an output Pressure of under 400psi this regulator is ideal for any paintball marker needing low pressure or airsoft players looking to switch to compressed air.

Ninja makes some of the best and lightest weight tanks for paintball and airsoft use around. You definitely cannot go wrong choosing any of their bottles or regulators.