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Dye Paintball Guns

Pro Edge Paintball carries all levels of Dye paintball guns from the entry level to the pro level. We also offer color swapping at no additional cost. If you would like two different colored Dye markers colored swap, just ask. If you have any questions while shopping for your new Dye paintball gun setup, do not hesite to call, chat or email us any time.

About Dye Paintball Guns

Dye Precision, once labeled the Apple of the paintball world has been around for over 20 years. Dye paintball guns really made their mark in 2003 with the launch of the Dye DM4 at the Paintball World Cup and Pro Edge was there to witness it! This was the beginning of the huge hit of the matrix line and the beginning of Dye Precision's 10+ year run of launching high end paintball guns. 

With the evolution of technology and the paintball world keeping up, Dye paintball guns have evolved so much over the years becoming lighter, more efficient, streamlined and just all together , incredibly better. 

Now with the latest released from Dye including the DAM, Rize, DSR and the M3+, Dye Paintball has a marker available for every single style paintball player out there in price ranges across the board. 

Dye Rize

The Dye Rize and the Rize Maxxed line of guns are the entry level line of markers but are far from entry level for new players. The features available on the Rize rival those of the $1000 paintball guns available only 10 years ago. With the upgraded Rize, the Rize Maxxed having a clamping feedneck, a 14 inch barrel an advanced asa on/off system and self cleaning eyes to keep you from breaking paintballs inside of the gun this line from Dye is a top contender in the $200 to $300 range. 

If you are a new paintball player or shopping for a new player, the Rize has something to offer. The Rize and Rize Maxxed markers are durable and don't require a ton of maintenance to keep them in working order. The battery is easily removable and takes a standard 9 volt battery so no worries of charging the night before. The firing system is completely enclosed so if you or your new player like to play in the woods and risk getting their gear dirty, no worries, the enclosed bolt system helps keep debris and dirty from entering the gun. 

If you purchase your Rize or any paintball gun for that matter from Pro Edge Paintball, we service your gun for free for life. This means you can bring your new paintball gun to us before you play and we will clean it up and test everything to make sure it is ready to go for your day out, completely free! 

The Rize and Rize maxxed are extremely light weight, easy to maintenance and very efficient with the battery life. They both also offer different firing modes that will compete with any high end paintball gun. What is the best paintball gun under three hundred dollars? Pro Edge Paintball would recommend considering the Dye Rize paintball guns in this price range. 


From the very beginning Dye has always been known for their high end markers. The DSR however is that new age Dye poking it's head out while hovering right around that thousand dollar mark. The DSR offers increased efficiency, light weight, tool less bolt removal, a very simple battery removal and a digital screen for adjusting your firing modes and settings. You receive all of this while staying just around or under the thousand dollar mark. If you’re open to options other than the DSR be sure to check out the Gtek 170R as it is a little less expensive and has a few perks and options and features the DSR doesn’t offer. 

As players become more money conscious, the DSR becomes more appealing to players not looking for a talking paintball gun but more importantly a gun that is simple, reliable and going to perform to the top of it's ability for a fair and reasonable price. The Dye DSR comes in multiple color ways allowing you to add a personal touch to your setup. The DSR has not been out that long but if we at Pro Edge had to guess, this marker will be seen for years to come as it get's sold used and bought by someone else only to continue using it and abusing it. The DSR seems to be a work horse for the price. If you are in the marker for a high end paintball gun without spending more than a thousand dollars ,be sure to check out the Dye DSR. 


As paintball has evolved, so have the players. In the current state of paintball, magazine and tactical paintball has really blown up and has become main stream in the paintball world. One of the first big launches in the tactical or scenario game world was the Dye Assault Matrix or what is now called, the Dye DAM. The Dye Dam is the tactical mag fed gun launched by Dye to cater to a marker they haven't ever been apart of.
Their tactical gun features 10 and 20 round magazines with the ability to shoot First Strike rounds or "sniper rounds" with ease. Another marker that uses the Dye Dam 20 round mags is one made by Planet Eclipse. The MF100 paintball gun is a mid level tactical style gun that offers one of the most reliable bolt systems and designs to date.

In comparison the DAM is a bit heavier to some but for most tactical players, this makes the marker just that much more enjoyable and realistic. One realistic and mid priced mag fed gun is the Tippmann TMC that offers 20 round mags as well for but a fraction of the cost of both the MF100 and the Dye DAM. 

The tactical features on the DAM include a modular shroud system letting you add or take off different shroud rails and grips to customize your rig. Standard sites and scopes will also fit on the Dye DAM rail systems. One of the best features of this gun is the ability to change from semi automatic to burst and full auto with one press of a button that is easily accessible right above the trigger. From playing with this marker before, if you are rolling up on a group of players and need some extra fire power, switch this bad boy over to burst or full auto and roll in hot! 

Dye Paintball Guns

As you can see, Dye has something to offer every level paintball player. If you are looking for an entry level speed ball marker or a high end tactical mag fed paintball gun you can find it under the Dye Precision name. 

Our staff here at Pro Edge the paintball store has 20+ years of playing knowledge and experience. If you have any questions at all about your next Dye gun purchase, be sure to reach out to us anytime and we would be more than happy to help find which paintball gun will fit your needs the best. Contact us anytime to let us help however we can!