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Dye CZR Paintball Gun 30+ Colors Available!

  • DYE Rize CZR Basic Package - Choose Your Color

    Original price $499.95 - Original price $659.95
    Original price
    $499.95 - $659.95
    $499.95 - $659.95
    Current price $499.95

    Features & Pro Edge Rating:  Items Included ? : Paintball Gun, Tool Kit, Spare O rings  Paintball Caliber ? : .68 Caliber  ...

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  • DYE Rize CZR Paintball Gun - Choose Color

    Original price $374.95 - Original price $484.90
    Original price
    $374.95 - $484.90
    $374.95 - $484.90
    Current price $374.95

    Features & Pro Edge Rating:  Items Included ? : Paintball Gun, Tool Kit, Spare O rings  Paintball Caliber ? : .68 Caliber  Compat...

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Learn about the Dye CZR

Is the Dye CZR paintball gun any good? 

The Dye CZR paintball gun is a mid range, electronic, high performance paintball gun that competes with other popular models such as the Empire Mini GS and the Empire Axe. The CZR comes from a long line of improvements over the last 5 years and is now a very sleek, light weight and great performing paintball gun.

If you are looking for a competitive, reliable paintball gun under $500 then the Dye Rize CZR is definitely one of our top choices. 

CZR Best Features

Some of our favorite features of the CZR includes the very thin grip frame, this allows for younger or small players to enjoy a comfortable grip while handling the CZR. The ability to use the air on off lever on the gun makes it very quick and easy to air up or turn your air off on this gun. This makes it very simple and fast to get ready or pack up at the end of the day. Our last favorite feature is the light weight, smooth trigger that comes stock with the Dye CZR. The trigger allows you to fire very rapidly without much practice, this makes it easier to win those tough games too! 

Rize CZR Barrel

The Dye Rize CZR comes a Precision Bore 2 Piece 14-inch Barrel. This barrel is top notch for a stock barrel on a gun in this price range. This barrel is extremely well made and really mirrors other high-end

Dye became famous for their barrels when they first started and that level of excellence in making barrels still shows in the barrel that comes stock with the Rize CZR. The two-piece design is great because it stores easily and compactly in the case or fits in other cases comfortably like the Exalt Hard Gun Case or the HK Army Exo Case. Because it is made by Dye the barrel tip does fit on Dye’s other
barrels like the Ultralight S or UL-S and the Ultralight CF-S barrel backs. Which means you can keep your gun’s look and still upgrade to one of the best barrels on market today. A great thing if you love the way
the gun looks and like to keep a theme.

Dye Rize CZR Regulator

The CZR comes with the legendary Hyper 3 regulator. This regulator is one of the best performing high pressure regulator of all time. This regulator is a staple for many paintball enthusiasts when they build their own guns. This legacy continues with the Rize CZR, the Hyper 3 is an incredibly consistent and precise regulator. What this means for you is that you can rest assured that each shot from your gun is
going to be the same as the last.

Consistency from shot to shot is one of the larger factors in you being
accurate on the paintball field. If you can trust your marker to shoot the same shot after shot then you know where your paintballs are going and can adjust from there to hit the bad guys on the other side of the field. The Hyper 3 Regulator helps you in this delivering air consistently and quickly to your gun even under the most extreme of circumstances.

Rize CZR Solenoid

The new Ramp Solenoid and upgraded Fusion Bolt system found in the Rize CZR pack a ton of performance into a gun at a fantastic price point. The new systems provide a reliable, quiet, and efficient shot on the CZR. These upgrades make the CZR perform like other high-end paintball guns.