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Dye DAM Paintball Gun

Learn About the Dye DAM ( Dye Assault Matrix )

Dye Assault Matrix is the ultimate tactical paintball marker! There are many attachments and upgrades that can bee done to the Dye Assault Matrix. From sights or red dots to different stocks and the infamous Box Rotor, the Dye Assault Matrix has endless options to customize it to your liking. With its ability to switch from mag-fed to hopper fed with the flip of a switch and its multiple firing modes just a button push away Dye for sure made this the ultimate tactical paintball marker.


Ease of Use

The Dye Assault Matrix is the easiest mag-fed marker to pick up and use right out of the box. The only part you need to install is the stock which requires one screw! This is the story for the rest of the marker with how easy it is to get up and going for that day of play. From how easy it is to turn on, press one button and boom! You are out there enjoying the art Dye produced with the Dye Assault Matrix. If you want to stop that player from making that big move down field you can put it in full auto and watch your stream of paintballs put pressure on that player! Is that next guy a little too far to reach with standard paintballs? That's no problem for the Dye Assault Matrix when you use First Strike rounds in the magazines!

All you have to do is flip the switch on the side of the marker above the magazine well and you will have a first strike round loaded for that distance shot! Yes that's right there are no tools or extra parts needed to swap between hopper and mag-fed. With Dye's Eye Pipe Technology, the ball is captured in this pipe and will not fall out of the bottom of the marker!( I'll cover more on the eye pipe below) Dye always makes the highest quality gear for the paintbal.

Looking to upgrade your Dye DAM Magazines?

Check out the latest release, the Planet Eclipse CF Mags in Black and the CF 20 round mags in Earth

Dye DAM Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Dye Assault Matrix is simple and easy! The Eye Pipe is a part I wish was in more markers! Think of how the windshield works for your car. Keeps rain, bugs and other junk from the road out of your eyes. The Eye Pipe does the same for your marker, keeping dirt, broken shell and paint out of your markers eyes! If you were ever to break a ball in you Eye Pipe the front O-ring on the bolt will act like windshield wipers and clear off most of the junk blocking you eye system! How awesome is that technology! The bolt is easily removed from the back of the marker with no tools. It has a magnetic back cap that can be turned by hand, it has a spot for a tool if needed but as long as it was not over-tightened that last time it was serviced. Once you remove the bolt system you will see Dye using their colored O-rings as they do on all their markers they produce.

This makes replacing O-rings easy even for the first time owner or someone who is not paintball savy! Dye went above and beyond on this marker, knocking it out of the park and right to the moon! If you want an all in one package for mag-fed/recreational marker... look no further!!!