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Planet Eclipse CF Mag 20 Round Black - 1 MAGAZINE

The continuous feed magazines for the MF100 / MG 100 mag fed Eclipse paintball gun are a dream come true. The CF 20 mags will solve a big headache for mag fed tactical players around the world. The EMF 100 / MG100 CF20 round magazines will take First Strike rounds and round .68 caliber paintballs. The new Planet Eclipse clips will be exactly what everyone has been waiting to pick up for their mag fed MF 100 and MG 100 markers.

Eclipse 20 Round Magazine

The Planet Eclipse 20 Round Magazine will be capable of feeding round ball and First Strike Rounds. Without having a final version for everyone to check out, we are also assuming these will fit the Dye DAM platform. After all of these years all Dye DAM owners will now have a Dye 20 Round Continuous Feed Mag. 

The surface of the 20 Round CF mag is molded with numbers to show you how many rounds you have left at a quick glance. The side panels of the mag will be a clear type plastic that not only will let you know if the magazine is loader but will also let you know if paint or debris has got inside your mag. 

As soon as Planet Eclipse releases the 20 round mag we will be on the hunt to find mag pouches that fit perfectly. 

Eclipse Magazine Durability
Videos from Eclipse show that the material used in the mags are extremely durable as well. This is great due to paintball magazines get dropped, stepped on and of course occasional shot close up when playing in buildings and such. Once the continues feed mag is officially released hopefully in the second half of 2020, Pro Edge Paintball will have a large order in stock as soon as possible. 

Continuous Feed Magazine

Paintball magazines being continuous feed isn’t a new feature but it is a new feature when it comes to the Eclipse MF100 , the MG100 and the Dye DAM platforms. The Dye mag was ahead of its time when it was released but a 20 round magazine meant you had to physically rotate the magazine after you shot 10 rounds. This wasn’t terrible but when you are in the action the last thing you need to worry about it flipping your mag. Eclipse releasing a 20 round continuous feed magazine that works and works well for these guns is extremely exciting news for everyone. As we get closer to the release of this mag we will be certain to add an overview video for everyone to see what these mags are really about! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best Mags

These mags are ridiculously solid and reliable. Love these mags. A little more expensive than other options but none of them compare to these mags.

10 out of 10 recommend.

Brian D.
Love these!

I can’t wait for these mags to come out. I have watched all of the eclipse videos and reviews and these look awesome. The CF 20 mags are the only thing missing for the perfect mag fed setup.