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First Strike FSC Pistol

Learn About the First Strike FSC Pistol

First Strike FSC Pistol is the new pistol added to First Strikes armory of mag-fed markers! This pistol is First Strikes smallest pistol to date! It has every thing you need to get out there, it comes with 2- 6 round magazines that require the 8 gram CO2 cylinders to power you rounds down range. It shoots rounds ball and First Strike Rounds, best of both worlds! It boast a 20% smaller grip frame to the T8.1, First Strikes other line of pistols. The T8.1 magazines can be used in the FSC if you wish to hold extra rounds and use the more common 12 gram CO2 cylinder.

FSC Upgrades

The First Strike FSC has many upgrades you can do to it! From Extended Magazines for extra firepower when held down behind cover, folding stock to make it easier to get those longer distance shots, scope mount for the red dot to make it look extra tactical or a mock suppressor to really give it that presence. First Strike has it all and the best part is a lot of the parts and upgrades are able to be put on many other First Strike style markers! The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your pistol the coolest on the block!

FSC Magazines

First Strike thought long and hard on how to make this marker the smallest in the market for pistols. They were able to use a smaller 8 gram CO2 Cylinder to keep the whole package as small as possible. While still giving you enough shots to get out of those sticky situations. Also they made it where T8.1 Magazines also fit inside the frame! This makes it easier to hold extra paintballs and allows you to use the standard 12 gram CO2 cylinder, which is found much easier at any paintball field/store or sporting goods store! The FCS mags do take First Strike Rounds, the only thing you will need to do is replace the spring in the mag with the supplied spring in the box. Once you do this, you will be able to load First Strike Rounds in the mag and fire away at the opposing player no matter how far they are!

Size of the FSC Pistol

The size of the FSC is about half the length of the Tippmann Tipx, however it is about the same thickness. Due to the size of a .68 Cal paintball and that it holds the 8 Gram CO2 Cylinder in the mag they have to be larger. This does not take away from how small the pistol is when sitting in your hand or on your body in a holster. It is still very comfortable to hold and shoot for the punch it packs! If you are in the market for a new pistol as a side arm or if you are pistol Pete and want to go HAM on the field just using the pistol or dual wield two the FSC is the right fit for you or you can also check out the Tippmann TipX pistol