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Tippmann TiPX Paintball Gun

Learn about the Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol

The TIPX is a pistol style paintball gun that is as fun as it is small. One of the original mag-fed style guns used a magazine-like loading system. Used by many around the world. One of the best pistols out there with the reliability of Tippmann products and the ease of use. Powered by a 12g C02 cartridge, this gun can shoot up to 14 shots on a single cartridge. Out of the box the pistol will come with 2 (7round) mags and a plastic carrying case for the pistol lined in foam. A barrel blocker to cover the barrel. A set of Allen keys for the pistol and some lubricant. Although the TIPX doesn't come with much, the pistol is super modifiable.


Tippmann TiPX Modifications

The TIPX can be modified to use remote which allows you to shoot more paintballs without the hassle of changing out co2 cartridges. it also has the ability to shoot first strike rounds which gives the player a chance to shoot at a longer distance then a normal paintball. not only are there modifications but tons of add Ons as well. Such as, larger capacity mags to hold more paintballs without having to change magazines as often, stocks that give more stability, different barrels to increase accuracy and looks, and even conversion kits to give your TIPX a whole new look and feeling. Also, able to add a laser for accuracy, flashlight for clearing dark buildings, or even a foregrip for added stability.

Tactical Paintball Pistol

The TIPX has a picatinny rail under the barrel for any other attachments or accessories. Tippmann is notorious for their durable guns and products and this pistol is no exception to that rule. This gun is used by not only paintball players, but also used for home defense with pepper balls. If this pistol isn't all you're looking for check out the FSC from First strike.